Spring has sprung . . . I hope

Spring has sprung with tulips in Harlem, NY.

Hopefully, the new spring season will get me in gear with some of my running goals. My nut a** really needs to spring into shape.


Overall, this week has been pretty easy breezy with running. In an attempt to fall in love with running (again), I’m going to attempt a 30-day run streak for the month of April. So far, so good . . . even though I’m only on Day 6 of the streak.

Taking pictures when I should have been running

On Saturday, I tried to run a baseline 5K “race” just to see where I am in terms of general running fitness.

Running 5K in Central Park, New York, NY.
Baseline 5K route.

Yup, that run was a huge mess because my lower back was giving me problems (once again). I do not think that I stretched enough before the run because I ran 4 miles pretty easy breezy the following day. Hey, at least it will be easy (hopefully) to beat my Saturday’s 5K run in a couple of weeks.

Although the run was a bit of a mess, all was not lost because I finally had an opportunity to take a pic in front of the Ted Corbitt’s marker.

Ted Corbitt marker in Central Park, NY.

The outermost loop (~6 miles) in Central Park has been named after Ted Corbitt.

Ted Corbitt's loop in Central Park.

Ted Corbitt – The Father of Long Distance Running. “A distance running pioneer and the co-founder and first president of NYRR, Ted Corbitt had a unique dedication to the sport and a passion for excellence that carried over into every aspect of his life. He completed an incredible lifetime total of 223 marathons and ultramarathons. His training, which routinely included 200-mile weeks, was more than just preparation for racing. It was a lifestyle that has inspired many who came after him.” (Link: ***).

Before this stupid pandemic, I always made it a point to run the 15K race, which is named after Ted Corbitt. Unfortunately, that did not happen for me this past December. Actually, I think NYRR did an 8K, instead of a 15K, in December.

LOL I: Halfway through one of my runs, I realized that I did not completely rinse out my water bottle. Soapy water is NOT FUN during a run.

Soapy water. YUCK!

LOL II: For some reason (I cannot remember if it was raining or cold), I hit my raggedy gym and did a treadmill run. Phew, it’s a good thing that I packed THREE masks because I sweated out two masks during my run and needed a backup to the backup to continue my strength training workout.

My daily runs, for the most part, have been some type of interval work. Normally, I’ll run either 0.25mi, 0.5mi or 1mi fast with a 0.25mi recovery walk. Hopefully, I can get back to doing continuous runs for 3+ miles. Since I took close to a 3-month running hiatus, I’m completely fine with slowly (in more ways that one) getting back into my full running groove.

Getting into the groove:

My running club is starting its run clinic very soon, and I’m gonna consider it . . . if it is not too expensive. Y’all know that I’m pretty cheap when it comes to running. 😉

NYC Marathon:

Looks like we have an update about this year’s NYC Marathon, basically we are to select our marathon preferences (2021, 2022, 2023, or a refund), and NYRR will let us know in June. I guess this is technically an update about LAST year’s NYC Marathon.

Let’s see what will happen, and if I’m selected to run the marathon on Nov. 7, 2021.

Plans for the week:

-The other day, I walked passed this rock climbing place in Harlem and think that I will check it out . . . if it is not too expensive. Told y’all that I’m cheap. 😉 It looks like the going rate is about $115/month + a $99 initiation fee. Is this price tag considered expensive? I doubt this includes any gear rental.

-I do not know what else I have planned for the week. Maybe I should take care of some of my previous plans for the week before making any new ones. Primarily, I really need to focus on getting to sleep earlier and getting better with my diet.

Question of the day:

Outside of running (if that’s your thing) what other fitness activities are you into?

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  1. I hate soap in my water bottle!
    My problem is that if I don’t get the caps absolutely dry when I clean them, I get black mold!
    I’m not sure if I hope it’s mold or pieces of rubber from the cap.
    Stupid me, I drink it anyway.
    Running is kind of my thing. Everyone at my company knows I’m a runner.
    It’s kind of weird sometimes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Maybe your immune system is super strong from the black mold. Funnyish story. I used to be a thumb sucker for most of my childhood; however, I do not remember getting extremely sick (aside from a cold here and there). It’s not like I thoroughly washed my hands before sucking my thumb. Anywho, I think ingesting god knows how many microbes as a child while sucking my thumb is one of the reasons, I rarely get sick as adult.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I was sort of into indoor rock climbing several years ago. I even had my 40th birthday party there. Anyway, I just looked up the monthly rates and they’re $80 plus gear rental is about $12. $115 for NYC doesn’t seem that bad considering. I really love hiking in the mountains and if there were some around where I live, I’d definitely do that in addition to running.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. A guy I’ve been talking to is really into the indoor rock climbing stuff. I’ve always been intrigued by that, it’s on my bucket list.

    Aside from running I like teaching spin cycle, yoga, weights, dancing which I’ve also taught. Sometimes I miss those disco party lights but now I teach at a gym that has them in the cycle room.


  4. I used to have a big yoga habit but since I realised the studio in the gym wasn’t covid-safe, in about Feb last year, haven’t done it! And I now have the Peleton app (because I’m cheap, too!) and have done some sretching classes and nothing else! I love horse-riding but don’t live near it, and tennis but no one to play with!

    Liked by 1 person

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