Food Pic of the Week – Breakfast at Tom’s

Tom’s Restaurant (***

2880 Broadway New York, NY 10025

This past Wednesday, I had a crazy craving for ‘breakfast for dinner’ – more specifically a craving for waffles. Little did I know that this past Thursday (March 25) was International Waffle Day. Interesting fact, this celebration is a thing because of the Feast of the Annunciation. You know, when Gabriel told Mary that she would be the mother of Jesus.

Anywho, on Wednesday, I went to Tom’s Restaurant for my waffle and was very disappointed to learn that the restaurant’s waffle iron was broken.

Random: Fans of Seinfeld may remember Tom’s as a meeting place for Seinfeld and his crew.

Tom's Restaurant, Seinfeld
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Although I’m trying to eat a little better, I’ll consider this a cheat day.

pancake breakfast, Tom's Restaurant

Since the waffle iron was broken, the plan was just to get a stack of pancakes. However, I went with the Lumberjack Breakfast, which included pancakes, eggs, sausage, AND bacon. My greedy a** even added a side of home fries. Umm, this “side” of home fries was the size of an entire meal. I guess Tom’s is a place to visit when you are extra hungry. At least, I ate about 25% of the home fries because I think that I’m getting to the point in my intermittent fasting plan where I get full with less food.

Question of day: Do you like having breakfast for dinner every now and thing?

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  1. That’s just not right that their waffle iron was broken. Funny coincidence, I also had waffles for dinner last week and didn’t even realize it was International Waffle Day. My teenage daughter likes to have pancakes for dinner so maybe every couple of weeks I’ll make pancakes for dinner on the griddle.

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    • Niiiice. Sometimes I go back and forth between waffles and pancakes. For restaurants, I think there are more ways to screw up pancakes versus waffes. For example, I don’t like my pancakes super thick or lightly cooked.

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      • I use protein powder in my pancake and waffle recipes. I’m not sure the exact measurement of one scoop from the container but I sub it for 1/2 cup flour and it seems to work out fine.


  2. My wife would be perfectly happy with a bowl of cereal for dinner.
    She think’s I’m a picky eater because I don’t consider that dinner.
    Maybe a breakfast like you had would qualify as dinner for me.


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