Random Thought Thursdays

-I went for my first run of the season (maybe even 2021) and it was awesome. Cannot wait to log in some more miles.

-It looks like Galloway’s Walk-Run-Walk Method will be my primer for getting back into running shape (http://www.jeffgalloway.com/training/run-walk/).

-I really need to buy new running shoes ASAP.

-Oh, I need to make a podiatrist appointment, so he can clean the dead skin that’s in between my 4th and 5 toes.

-I’ve been trying to drink at l


  1. Good job getting back on the road! Something I learned recently that’s helped me out a lot is to eat half a banana 15 minutes before exercise, and then the other half afterward. It’s made a huge difference in the energy during the exercise (or run) as well as recovery afterward.


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