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It has been a hot minute since I have posted a non Food Pic of the Week entry. But things have not been super hot in Run There, Drink That land. No worries, things are fine health-wise.; however, I feel so lost in many aspects of my life. Perhaps, “stuck” is a better word than “lost” in this case. Hell, even this damn blog is stuck. Wasn’t this supposed to be a running blog?

Actually, let’s start with the good stuff.

Get out . . . NYC

Not sure if this was a great idea, but the hubby and I left NYC for a few days to spend some time in Washington DC and Va Beach. This may have been a bit selfish on my part since we are in pandemic mode, but I needed to get out of the NYC for a few days. So we rented a car and got the hell out of Dodge. I wonder if I (err, we) should just purchase a car. I should calculate how much I’ve spent over the past year on car rentals and see if purchasing one is a sound investment. Although we left the state, we still made sure to follow social distancing rules even if Washington DC and Virginia were a bit more laid back in their COVID rules compared to those in NYC. Also, March 1st was our 2nd wedding anniversary . . . you gotta do something special for your anniversary, right. I gotta say DC was pretty nice because the weather was perfect.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) none of the museums were open so that part of trip was literally just walking around everyday. Actually, I lied; the Museum of the Bible was open. I think we averaged about 18 miles walking around; no wonder I was constantly hungry (and thirsty).

We did have a chance to catch up with one of my long time friends (we did a study abroad program together back in 2001; damn I’m old), grabbed some Vietnamese food, and went ice skating. Man, my feet was KILLING me. Good thing, I picked up some gel spacers during one of our long walks.

Walking aside, we ate (and drank) very well in DC.

Pisco y Nazca, Peruvian Food, Ceviche
Peruvian food
Seafood excursion
Yummy pho
Getting my drink on

Next Stop – Southeast Virginia

Of course, no trip south of the Mason-Dixon line is complete without visiting the Waffle House.

We hit up a Waffle House during the drive from DC to Va Beach. We stopped off at a Waffle House along I-95. Why was there a 60 minute wait? Also, why would folks wait more than 15 minutes to eat at a Waffle House? Aren’t all Waffle Houses like 15 – 20 minutes away from each other. True to my word, another 20 minute drive on I-95 south we found another one.

Va was very quiet since a lot of the family was quarantining, but it was nice to spend some time with my folks and take some walks on the beach. It’s kind of weird. Virginia is my birth-state, which I consider ‘home’. However, since my mom passed away back in 2012 sometimes it does not feel like home-home.

All in all it was a great trip and it both helped and “hurt” me. Helped because, like I mentioned above, I needed some time away from NYC. Hurt . . . next part.

Still Shaky Bakey

In a previous post, I mentioned that I have been feeling lost professionally. This trip to VA “hurt” me because it made me realize that I am not where I would like to be professionally. I’ll cut myself some slack and mention that I did change careers a few years ago. So maybe some of this is a feeling of regret about switching careers. However, in my newish career, I do not feel like I’m at a place where I should be. More on that later. Before leaving NYC, I learned that one of my employee benefits includes life coaching, so I signed up for some coaching sessions (I had my first one last Monday). Although the life coach did not tell me anything that I already did not know, she has put me on a schedule and to plans to hold me accountable for my professional development. I’m supposed to meet with her every two weeks for the first four months, then every month after month #4. Random: These sessions are held over the phone, and I gotta say it was so refreshing to have a conversation outside of Zoom.

Running and Fitness

HA! For whatever reason or reasons, I have not been able to stick with any type of fitness regimen. This is actually concerning because I’m getting fatter and summer is around the corner. On top of the crap that I’m dealing with regarding my career choices, I do not need to add body issues to it. I think part of being unable to stay on some sort of plan is due to my general down in the dumps feeling. But, I’ve told myself that March 15 is my day to get my fitness plans in order. Primarily, I just need to start going to bed at a decent time so I can wake up early and workout. Although Mar 15 is my big day, I have been low key visiting the gym, which has been so-so.

I’ve been during this dumb workout. Here’s the problem, I’m supposed to do this circuit three times in “rapid succession”. Yeah, good luck with that at my raggedy ass New York Sport Club location. A couple problems with this plan:

  • Social distancing is enforced at the gym (a good thing), but there are less weights and equipment to go around in the free weights section.
  • A-holes hogging most of the weights to do their supersets.

I guess I’ll just stick to the weight machines.


Honestly, I cannot remember the last time that I went for a run; however, I do walk 2 miles to and from work. But, this week I’m getting back on the running train. I’ve already mentally (kinda) prepared myself to know that it’s going to be an uphill battle. Geez, last year around this time, I cannot believe that I was training for Madrid’s marathon. Now, I doubt that I can run 5 miles. Unfortunately for me, I suffer a bit from f*ck it syndrome. This is what has happened in the past. I take some time off from running (usually due to an injury); start running again; realize that I’m not at the same level; get frustrated; quit again; then the cycle repeats. Let’s see what happens this go around.

First things first, I should buy a new pair of running shoes.

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  1. Happy wedding anniversary!! It is difficult facing all these questions and worries at the same time. So be kind to yourself, but also get yourself sorted out where you need to. Don’t give up! And I was apparently running 13 miles easily this time last year. Hm.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy anniversary! I’m glad you got to get away and enjoy yourselves. Don’t beat yourself up too much, pandemic fatigue is real and couple that with career blues and lack of motivation for working out and it’s no wonder you’re feeling so down. I think having a life coach help hold you accountable is a good thing. The last time I needed counseling I was held to a similar standard with “homework” each week that required doing things like writing even if I wasn’t in the mood to force myself back into a better place.


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