Food Pic of the Week

The Rustic Spoon (***

1658 Pleasure House Rd., Ste 101, VA Beach, VA 23455 (Is it me or does the street’s name reminds you of a place where one would buy sex toys?)

Lord, I’m going to mess around and have this blog end up as a freaking food blog. Next week, I’m going get back to regular scheduled programming blogging. I’ve been dealing with some stuff in Run There, Drink That land.

eggs benedict, The Rustic Spoon, Virginia Beach, Brunch

This wonderful dish was a fried oyster eggs benedict, and it was sooooo delicious. Whoever came up with this idea deserves a Nobel Prize. Ok, maybe that’s going too far, but poached eggs + fried oysters + hollandaise sauce = FUN.

Man, I wish the hubby and visited The Rustic Spoon earlier during our VA trip because the restaurant looked like it is a pretty cool spot for brunch. By cool spot, I mean the bartender had a pretty heavy hand while pouring brunch cocktails. That in it self was interesting because we were there for brunch on an early Monday afternoon. I can only imagine how strong the drinks are during the weekend.

Unfortunately, I could not have any cocktails during our outing because this was the last stop before embarking on a 6-7 hour drive back to NYC. The restaurant is conveniently en route to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. Although I like to have a cocktail or 10, I do not really mess around with drinking when I have to drive.

This place is definitely cemented on my places to visit for brunch in SE Virginia list, and I’ll be sure to visit The Rustic Spoon the next time I visit my folks. Also, next time, I’ll be sure to have a designated driver so I can enjoy the fun cocktails in addition to the fried oyster eggs benedict.

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  1. Were you only in VA beach or did you go to Norfolk as well? Jason and I agreed to driving his parents’ second vehicle to Florida in June after they move and planned to turn it into a weeklong road trip. We’re considering Norfolk as our first day/night as it’s about a 5 hour drive from our house.

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