Food Pic of the Week

Nai Tapas (***

85 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10003 (East Village)

Man, it has been a while since writing about a newish place for Food Pic of the Week. For this adventure, the hubby, our two neighbors, and I went to this tapas bar in the East Village. Let me go ahead and get this out of the way. I am not a huge fan of tapas. Wait, I’ll correct myself, I’m not a huge fan of tapas in NYC because you’ll drop a ton of money for next to no food and end having to get a slice of pizza on the way home.

Second, I apologize for the quality of the pictures. I was starving and did not have time or the patience to take “nice” pics.

First cocktails:

This was a fermented whiskey beverage, I forget what else was in the cocktail. Although I expected a bit more potency in the whiskey-based cocktail, I was just so happy to have a cocktail that was served in a nice glass rather than in a plastic cup with a straw. Because of Covid restrictions, many restaurants (even the nice ones) have to use plasticware.

BTW femented whiskey is more or less whiskey that has not been distilled (I think). Since the whiskey has not been distilled, it’s not as strong/concentrated.

Left to right: Patas Bravas, Oxtail Stew, and (of course) Paella

One of our appetizers, a salmon dish. I’m still a bit confused why they had to flame the food at the table. You mean, I gotta wait 2-3 more minutes to eat?!!! Y’all could not have put the finishing touches on the dish in the kitchen? 😉 Hating aside, it was quite delicious.

Overall, I thought the food was AMAZING. We had a few other things, but i was too busy stuffing my face and chatting to take pictures.

Oh, LOL. While eating this dessert, I had a sense of deja vu.

I made the same cheesecake for Thanksgiving (the one in the picture) and New Year’s. FYI, the NYE cheesecake came out a bit better.

A little backstory. We invited the neighbors (a husband and wife duo) to our place to bring in 2021, and the guy LOVED the cheesecake. I stole the White Chocolate Cranberry Cheesecake recipe from the Food Network (Recipe: ***). Here’s the post where I talk about my meltdown while making this for Thanksgiving (Link: ***). However, I put my twist on the cheesecake by adding booze to the cranberries and using mix of cream and mascarpone cheese. The neighbor is going to be an executive chef for one of the Nai restaurants, and he wanted to add “my” cheesecake to the menu. Well, he used goat cheese instead of my cream and mascarpone cheese mixture. Jokingly, at dinner I said wait a minute? I canNOT believe that you stole my recipe that I STOLE from the Food Network. 😉 I’m a nut.

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