Layering – Weekly Update

I’ve been getting back into my fitness and eating better l mojo . . . I think. This time around, I’m trying something different where I’ll slowly add things to my fitness plan (hence the upside down pyramid). For example, I only started intermittent fasting, Shaun T’s Insanity, and (near) daily yoga during this week. In the past, doing too much too fast is what (I think) has prevented me from staying on the fitness train. If I fail at one thing (e.g. missing a few runs), then that will cause the entire house of cards to fall down. So far, I have been meeting my goals, and this week I’ll start adding (near) daily runs to the mix.

Jumping back into running:

I’m gonna have to ease into it by cycling between running and walking. Maybe I’ll start off with intervals of 800 m run followed by 400 m walk. It’s kind of funny that I’m going to try to get restarted with my 2021 running goals because my swag for my NYCRuns 2021 Challenge arrived yesterday.

Looks like we have medallion where you can write your total miles for 2021, a quarter zip, and a short sleeve tech T.

Although the arrival of my swag was pretty cool, it did make me feel a bit guilty about not putting much of a dent in my 2021 running resolution. So far, I think that I have run about 60 miles. At this point, I’m probably supposed to be at 300+ miles. Opppsss.

One other check list item for the week:

I need to see what’s going on with NYRR races for the spring. Also, I need to see what are the latest developments (if any) with my NYC Marathon registration. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been receiving a few emails from NYRR that have been going into my “read later” aka “I’ll never read these emails” mental folder. I do not think that I have received anything too important because I have not seen any intense posts the NYC Marathon Facebook group. Speaking of emails, I need to get better control of my personal email account. Lately, I’ve been receiving way too many junk emails, which dilutes out the real emails of interest.

Well, let’s what this week will bring.

What are you looking forward to this week?

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  1. Sounds like a sensible plan. I’m looking forward to continuing slightly warmer temperatures and some runs with friend (one each time) at the end of the week. Also we have a sort of roadmap out of lockdown so it feels things might be back to “normal” one day. And my best friend gets her vaccination at the weekend (we can’t work out why – weirdly this is something the UK is doing well and people who shouldn’t get done yet are getting done).

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    • I have this saying that you can get a doctor to diagnose you with anything. Want to bring your dog to work? Find a doc that says you need an emotional support animal. When I was tutoring for a fancy tutoring company back in grad school, all of the students “had” ADHD. Did they have it? Probably not. But, if you get a doctor to say that your child has it, the they will receive students get extra time to take exams in school and standardized test. For most colleges, I think you get time and a half for special testing accommodations. I have a feeling this practice is happening regarding the vaccine. Find a doc to say that you have some type of thyroid issue and you’ll be placed in a priority group. I’m not saying your friend has done this, I’m just mentioning what’s going on in the states. For example, one “educator” received the vaccine . . . He was a freaking spin instructor. I would not say spin instructors should be placed in the same priority group as elementary school teachers.


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