Random Thoughts Thursdays

-Ugh MORE snow today. So over it. Today was supposed to be my work in the office.

-Looking forward to getting out of NYC for a few days.

-Hopefully next week will be more conducive for running.

-I really want a bacon, egg, (swiss) cheese sandwich. However, I’ll be strong and continue to fast until 2/3 pm.

-Covid vaccine envy is real (Link: ***). It seems to stem from folks posting pics of them with their vaccine cards. I will admit that I thought about posting my pic bc it may come off as bragging. However, I posted a pic to hopefully ease the fears that some people of color may have about getting the vaccine.

-Speaking of the vaccine, I’m supposed to get my second dose tomorrow at 6am. I hope the snow does not affect the vaccination center.

-Starting next week, I hope that I can fit in going to the gym a couple days a week to lift.

-Throwback pic 📸 ‘13. We had to cross this “scary” bridge on foot when traveling from Panamá to Costa Rica. God, that was such a horrible trip. The countries were not horrible; my company was. Actually, maybe I’ll write a post about it.

What randomness is going on with y’all?


  1. My husband makes the best egg bagel sandwiches esp post long run.

    I’m hoping for some education from you regarding the hesitancy of people of color to get the vaccine. I vaguely know of historical atrocities done to them such as sterilization and experimentation. Given everyone is getting the same vaccine regardless of color and there’s scientific data on it, is the hesitancy from fear that the vaccine wouldn’t be the same for everyone? I hope none of this reads as overly ignorant or offensive, I’m just trying to understand the issue deeper.

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    • Ha! On my hangover days, there is nothing better than a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich on an everything bagel.

      Regarding the vaccine thing, I think the fears are multidimensional. I’ll try to discuss a few:
      (Oh, if you have the time and the stomach for it, I recommend reading Medical Apartheid)

      1. Difference in vaccine. Earlier in the year, we saw politicians receive the vaccine, and I know that some gave that display a side eye because were they really getting the vaccine?

      2. Priority group. We know that 65+ groups were the first to receive the vaccine. However, I would imagine that some wanted to wait to see what happen to other folks who received the vaccine before getting theirs. Although the vaccine went through clinical trials, we have to be honest in feeling that the vaccine was “rushed”. For example, it can take years for a drug to reach the market; however, in this case, Pfizer and Moderna managed to have the vaccine ready in less than one year.

      3. Fear of the medical profession. I would think some folks fear that different batches (i.e. good vs bad) are sent to different areas. The rich areas will get the “good” vaccine and the poor areas will get the “bad” vaccine. I have noticed in NYC that many community health centers are becoming vaccination sites, which I think will reduce some of these fears. Compared to major medical centers, folks tend to trust these health centers more because they are in the neighborhood; the staff looks like them; and (more than likely) a significant proportion of the staff lives in the neighborhood. I personally have concerns whether or not these health centers can store the vaccine properly, but that’s more of my issue.

      4. Technology. Many people of color and older populations want to get the vaccine, but it is so hard to get an appointment (at least in NYC). I tried to schedule one for my husband, but I became very frustrated after a couple of hours and gave up. Could you imagine someone trying to do this with a spotty internet connection (if you even have access to the internet) or who isn’t tech savy. For the NYC sites, you spend time inputting all of your information, finding a site, finding an appointment, hitting the submit button, then results page tells you that there are no appointments at the location. Then, you have to repeat the process all over again to get the same result. I can see some folks being like “why bother?” One example: When I was checking in a vaccine recipient in the 65+ age group, the recipient’s daughter told me that they had multiple family members working at the same time with three computers and four tablets to secure an appointment. Based on the address of the recipient, they lived in an affluent part of NYC. Having access to multiple devices and/or strong internet connection is not the case for many folks. At best some (or their children or grandchildren) are trying to make these appointments with their cell phones.

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      • Thanks for the book recommendation and your thoughts on the subject. Everything you say makes a lot of sense and I agree I think a good portion of people in general had concern over how quickly the vaccine was created. I wasn’t thrilled at the idea of receiving something created so fast, but the fear of long term Covid symptoms were I to get the virus scared me more than the vaccine.

        Your about technology is a very good one as I admit to taking for granted living in an area with good internet/having the means to pay for quality speed. Thank you again!

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  2. Well done for getting your vaccine, and, by now, the second dose! That’s amazing! Here we have so many cohorts getting done in order, as an under-50 person with no underlying health conditions I should get done by the autumn, which is fine. I think I know more people who have had the jab than have had Covid now.

    We have an issue with people of colour taking up the vaccine here in the UK, too. There is a lot of misinformation going around esp Asian communities, weird videos coming out of other countries, etc. Some of our prominent Asian actors and comedians have done (funded by themselves) a video. And of course Black and Asian communities also have the issues of system racism to face. We have seen vaccination centres opening in mosques and temples which will hopefully help.


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