Random Thoughts Thursday

-I have like no Zest for anything. I’m like over EVERYTHING in pretty much all aspects of my life. Actually, I think that I had a mild panic attached at 2/3 am this morning.

-For the past two weeks, I have not done ANYTHING related to running or fitness. I gotta figure out how to get my mojo back.

-Well, in my defense, a crap ton snow hit the northeast over the weekend, and I am not trying to be like girl friend in this clip.

Chelsea: It’s the perfect texture for running, very low impact. [moments later] SPLAT! The Reporter: OOPPSS

-Over the weekend, I volunteered with roll out efforts for the vaccine against COVID.

-I may write a separate blog about this experience.

-A quick summary: the shift was long 5:30 am – 2 pm; volunteers received the vaccine, so I have my 1st dose; I was surprised the there were not more Black and Brown people receiving the vaccine (more on that later); I plan to volunteer for three more shifts; the volunteer organization was a mess; the actual vaccine administration was pretty well organized.

-Interesting article about the racial disparates in the vaccine rollout. “A vaccination site meant to serve a hard-hit Latino neighborhood in New York instead serviced more Whites from other areas” (Link: ***)

The article’s leading pic is the site where I volunteered.

Courtesy: CNN.com

-For the past couple of years, I have been thinking about working/serving in a public office (more at the local level), and I was thinking about it quite bit last week. Is it a sign this book that I requested from the library MONTHS ago was ready for pick up last week?


  1. Loss of motivation happens to all of us. It’s happened to me, and honestly, I have it 3-4 times a month. I try to push through anyway by framing exercise as important as eating or sleeping. It’s a part of my day I just can’t avoid or miss because the consequences are things I’m not willing to accept: loss of gains, loss of strength, loss of stamina, and the increased difficulty after a break.

    Good job on volunteering! That’s awesome!


    • Regarding volunteering. I guess a bunch of people have signed up because the org has cancelled two of my shifts. I will say that at least they were considered enough to cancel my 5:30 am shift around 9 pm the night before.

      I think my motivation is back . . . mainly because I saw how much weigh.


  2. Interesting about volunteering to help with vaccinations that the volunteers also get the vaccine. I hadn’t even thought about doing that but now I’m definitely looking into it where I live.
    That video is hilarious- yep, great snow for running and then she falls! I think I’d take some time off running and not feel guilty about it at all. Just do something else like a HIIT workout or whatever else you can do from home,.

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  3. That’s fantastic that you volunteered. I think you have a healthcare or public health background?
    They only seem to need people who can give shots around here.
    They had the same issue in Boston. A place was set up in Roxbury, a majority minority neighborhood, but lots of white folks got shots there. I wonder if they also frequent the restaurants and bars in normal times?
    As we have seen, Public Health needs to ramp up staffing. Not just for the next year but on-going. It could be a good career move.


    • Close, I used to be a biomedical scientist. My volunteering role was not much to write home about. I pretty much checked in folks for the appointments, confirmed their contact and health insurance information.

      The thought of getting a master’s in public health did cross my mind. For my job, tuition exemption is a benefit for my job, and I probably should take advantage of it. I was thinking about getting a master’s in education policy, but I think an MPH might be a better move for me . . . intellectually.


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