Random Thursday’s Thoughts

-Boo, I have been unable to run at all week due to my knee injury. Ugh, it does not look like I’m going to meet my goal of running/walking 2021 miles this year. At this rate, I’ll be lucky to run run/walk 21 miles. 😉 Hopefully, I’ll get in some miles next week. As of today, I have full range in my knee without any pain, but there is some slight pain when I put some weight on it. Did I say next week? Maybe I meant the week after next.

-When I’m unable to run or workout, I find that my eating (and drinking) habits really go to crap. Well, my eating (and drinking) habits are quite crappy to begin with. So what’s lower than crap?

-The damn Internet has me dead to the bed with these Bernie Sanders memes.

Bernie sanders, memes, inauguration 2021

Why didn’t someone at the Inauguration give that man a cup of coffee, a bowl of soup, and/or a blanket? 😉

-One more Bernie meme for folks who have run NYC’s Marathon.

Bernie sanders, memes, inauguration 2021, NYC Marathon

-I really miss strength training. Even though we are still dealing this pandemic, I wonder if I can/should visit my local gym once a week to lift. I’m like 25% yes to lifting and 75% hell to the MFing no.

-By having 50,000 in person and 50,000 virtual runners, the London Marathon organizers hope to set a new record (Link: ***). Um . . . good luck with that, London.

-I get that folks are full of hope regarding in-person marathons and half-marathons, but can we stop pretending as if we do not have a LONG way to go with this pandemic.

-Speaking of misplaced hope. One of my NYC FB running groups have kicked people out of the group last spring for saying things like “Oh, NYC/NYRR probably will cancel 2020’s marathon”. Talking about those people were being “negative”. It seems as if the organizer of the group has a problem differentiating between negativity and reality. I mean, I live on planet Earth, not planet Delusionia.

How are y’all random thoughts going?

Has anyone started working out at local gyms?

One more: How do folks translate insta like to insta followers? I guess that I need better content. Oh well.

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  1. Yes to the gym! Though I haven’t been in NYC, just my apartment building gym. Turns out doing strength training regularly really helps take the work off my sore hamstring….just like my old PT told me it would. I also have little hope for mass participation marathons in 2021 and also have no desire to run a virtual full, so 2022 it is (maybe).


    • Next week, I’m gonna check out an NYSC that’s close to work at two different times (~6am and ~3 pm) to see how many folks are there.

      I’m a bit of a cheap skate when it comes to virtual races, so I doubt that I’ll pay to run a virtual full marathon. However, at the same time, I do want to support local running organizations. Maybe, I should just send a general donation.


  2. The Bernie memes are great! I haven’t had a gym membership since I worked at Bank of America and we had an on site gym… even then I used it for a few months then stopped being motivated to get up early to go before work and til I got off I just wanted to go home. My DailyBurn subscription works out a lot better for me. Sometimes it’d be nice to have a gym membership to use a treadmill though on days it’s too miserably hot or cold to run.

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  3. No gyms here again and I have left mine anyway as they are so not Covid-safe. I did a virtual half in the week but that was for a local museum charity – you had to do 21 k over the month but I did 21.1 on 21/01, which was my birthday, too!

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    • Great accomplishment and happy belated birthday. I hope that you had a nice birthday.

      I had a little drama on Twitter because I mentioned that this year’s Jan 21 was a palindrome day. Long story, the woman who was challenging me realized that I was in the States and we write our dates Month, Day, Year.


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