Food Pic of the Week

Tomiño Taberna Gallega (***

192 Grand St., New York, NY 10013

This place has made several appearances on here. Because of this pandemic, it has been a bit tough to check out new spots.

I’ve been repeated many places because

  • many places are closed or do not have outdoor dining options;
  • if I have to wear a mask, load up on hand sanitizer, and eat outside during the winter, I want to go to a place that I know will serve up good food.

The hubby, one of his best friends from Spain, and I went here to celebrate Three Kings Day. Unfortunately, I was distracted by the events that were taking place in DC so I really did not take too many pictures of our food . . . and cocktails.

The plato fuerte – Arroz Caldoso

I wonder if the restaurant put three cigalas (Norway lobster) in the dish because it was Three Kings Day. You know, one cigala for each king.

In addtion to serving yummy food from the Galecian region of Spain, Tomiño has a wide array of gin tonic cocktails. After learning how much sugar is in tonic water (prob back in 2004), gin n seltzer has been my go to cocktail. However, Tomiño uses tonic water (I forget the brand’s name) that’s typically served in Europe, which is significantly less sweeter than the tonic water that we use here in the States.

I think this one was the roses and juniper berry gin tonica.

If you visit (or live in) NYC, I highly recommend this restaurant. Also, the restaurant is located in the heart of Little Italy/Chinatown so you’ll already be in a touristy part of town.

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  1. I quit drinking soda a long time ago and miss rum and coke so much.
    Last summer I started drinking gin and tonic because I thought tonic had less sugar.
    Off the top of my head I think I serving of coke has 180 calories and a serving of tonic has 120. Still a lot of sugar. And I was surprised the first time I read a tonic label.
    If you find a brand with less sugar please pass along the name.

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