Food Pic of the Week

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Happy 2021!!! I scheduled this update a couple of days ago. Knowing me, I’m probably hungover from NYE’s “festivities”.

To get into the spirit of COVID Christmas 2020, I baked some cookies last!

Bacon, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Cookies

bacon chocolate chip peanut butter cookies, cookies, christmas cookies, baking, dessert

The plan was to make two batches of cookies – the bacon chocolate chip cookies (aka aconbay ocolatechay ipchay cookies) and the peanut butter cookies. Get it? Pig latin since the cookies have bacon. However, I was lazy and did not feel prepping two batches of cookies so I just threw everything together into one bowl. While delicious, this time I had time to refrigerate the cookie dough before baking, I think these cookies had to too much stuff in them. Although not pictured, I did prepare a whiskey glaze for the cookies. Remember that I have to add booze to all of my desserts.

Blood Orange Rosemary Vodka Fizz

Not really a picture of food, but oh well. Well. . . blood oranges are in the cocktail so I guess it counts as food. 😉

cocktail, blood orange rosemary fizz, vodka cocktail

-2 oz freshly squeezed blood oranges

-1 oz rosemary simple syrup (just add rosemary to homemade simple syrup)

-1 oz Aperol

-1 oz vodka or gin

Add ice, shake, pour into a glass, then add champagne/sparkling wine.

To make life easier, just upscale everything, add to a pitcher, and add the champagne/sparkling wine when you are ready to serve.

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