(Late) Random Thursday Thoughts

Ok so it’s Friday, but KOS has been a bit busy.

-Honestly, what’s the point of taking off days from work? I mean, it just multiples your work because you have to do new stuff and catch up with the old stuff.

-This week, New York Road Runners (NYRR) mentioned that it will cancel the NYC Half Marathon. Honestly, I cannot believe that some folks in a couple of my Facebook running groups are b*tching about this cancelation. UM, WE ARE DEALING WITH A FREAKIN’ PANDEMIC!!! With rising COVID infection rates, just plan on considering most of 2021 a wash.

-Speaking of NYRR: Michael Capiraso has stepped down (or was asked to leave) as CEO of NYRR (article link, ***). This was amid multiple allegations of fostering a toxic work environment at NYRR. Since this summer, a social media campaign (#rebuildNYRR) pretty much went into detail about multiple incidents of racism, bias, and bullying at NYRR. Back in September, I mentioned a few of these incidents (blog post, ***).

-I’m not sure if this will completely solve NYRR’s toxic work environment problems, but I’m glad that some things are moving forward. As a black man, I would have felt a bit hypocritical knowing about these issues while registering for NYRR-sponsored races and marathons.

-Why can’t some airlines give a simple refund for canceled 2020 travel plans? I get that business/corporation are trying their hardest to stay afloat (then again most will prob receive government bailouts), but I’m thinking about me at the moment. 😉 In March, I was supposed to run Madrid’s marathon, which was obviously canceled. Air Iberia gave us travel vouchers that had to be redeemed by the end of 2020. Clearly, no one in this household is going to Spain by the end of 2020. Rather than refund our money, Air Iberia is extending the vouchers until June 2021. Then the representative was like keep in mind that Air Iberia has Latin American destinations to you can visit, BUT you must have a layover in Madrid. WHO THE HELL IS GOING TO TRAVEL TO LATIN AMERICA FROM NYC VIA MADRID?!!! Yes, Air Iberia that’s a wonderful plan. Let’s travel across the Atlantic Ocean two times within a 24 hour period. Please sign me up! I guess technically, we would have to do the trans Atlantic voyage four times for the round trip. I think that I have some more complaining to do. I wonder if Air Iberia would be willing to apply the vouchers to one of its partner airlines; I think they partner with American or Delta.

-According to the Surgo Foundation and Ariadne Labs COVID-19 vaccine tool (link, ***), here’s where I fall in getting the COVID-19 vaccine:

covid, covid vaccine, vaccine

-To be perfectly honest, unless I’m infected with COVID-19, I’m gonna treat this vaccine like it’s an Apple product. Meaning, that I’m going to wait for the 15th generation before volunteering to receive it. Oh, it looks like B. Clinton, Bush, and Obama are volunteering to receive the vaccine to prove that is safe (link, ***). Good for them . . . I guess.

-This reminds that I had planned on reading up on mRNA vaccines over the weekend. Although I do not conduct biomedical research any longer, I would like to learn more about this “newish” class of vaccines.

-Last thought that I’ll probably expand on in a later post. Sometimes, I wonder if I left science too soon. Recently, I’ve been really missing biomedical research. As some might know, I switched careers (scientist to administration in higher ed) about three years ago.

-Yes! The weekend is here. Then, again there isn’t much we can do during this pandemic.

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  1. My airline cancellations (I think there were 6 for this year) have been mixed; some gave refunds others gave vouchers.
    If I could get the vaccine today, I would, no hesitations. Until we get enough people vaccinated we just can’t move on, and I desperately want to move on. My work place has even sent out videos, slideshows, etc. for us to educate ourselves on the vaccine (I work for a branch of NIH) so we can help educate the general public on the vaccine, should they ask. I haven’t watched any of them yet but plan to, if nothing else just to educate myself.


  2. I’m right at the back of the vaccine queue but I’m OK with that. 80+ father in law is first in line and we’re a little concerned like you are, just on the lack of long-term testing still.


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