(Delayed) Food Pic of the Week

Mission Ceviche (***

31400 2nd Ave., New York NY 10021

Definite Food Orgasm. Originally, we came here because for Peruvian Restaurant Week, which included a three course ceviche tasting menu with one pisco sour. Since we visited during the weekend, the tasting menu was not available so we did out own thing, and Mission Ceviche definitely did not disappoint.

BTW, Perú is really going through it. The country has had THREE presidents in one week (Link: ***), and I thought that our election process in the States was a mess. Hopefully, things will work out for Perú soon because I cannot imagine what life would be like living with an unstable government during a pandemic.

On to the food

Mixto Ceviche

Ceviche, Mission Ceviche, NYC

Of course you cannot go to a Peruvian restaurant and not order ceviche. I will say that I need to get the recipe for Mission Ceviche’s tiger’s milk because it was DELICIOUS!

Seco Norteño

peruvian food, seco norteno, peru

This was like a down-home beef stew with a bunch of fixings (e.g. onion and chickpeas).

Tres Leches

Although we had a bunch of food (and pisco-based cocktails), I managed to save room for one of my favorite Latin American desserts, Tres Leches. Although the Mission Ceviche’s tres leches was delicious, I gotta say that mine is better. But, I will say that Mission Ceviche’s presentation for its tres leches is way better than mine.


pisco sour, peru, peruvian food, cocktails.
Pisco Sour and the City


I give Mission Ceviche a 5 out of 5. The food was so good that the husband and I went back to Mission Ceviche the following Thursday to try the ceviche tasting menu.

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