Food Pic of the Week

The Chelsea Bell (***

316 8th Ave, Lenox Ave, New York, NY 10001

Ha! I finally ventured outside of the my three go-to restaurants in my Harlem neighborhood. After taking the GRE last week, I met a friend to grab some lunch and (more importantly) some adult beverages.

I gotta say that I had the BEST Fish n Chips EVER at The Chelsea Bell.

In most cases, fish n chips is my general go to when I have to make a quick, executive decision regarding food choices. I pretty much enjoyed this dish because the breading for the fish was out of this world amazing. Honestly, I could have just had the fried breading for lunch. In my opinion, many restaurants’ fish n chips dishes are kind of bland, which “forces” me to to dump copious amounts of vinegar and hot sauce to get some flavor. I think the vinegar love is due to the acidic nature of vinegar. I mean, vinegar IS pretty much diluted acetic acid. Growing up, I used to put vinegar on almost anything that was fried. Hey, a couple of squirts of vinegar on fried chicken is quite delicious. There may have been a couple of time when my lips turned white because of all the vinegar I would put on food. Thank god that I outgrew that phase.

After a few cocktails with lunch, I kind of went into random mode. As my friend and I were finishing lunch, I exclaimed: WE ARE GOING ON A BAR CRAWL!!! That’s my randomness for you. Who the hell initiates a bar crawl on an early Friday afternoon? This guy.

We crawled from Chelsea, to two spots in Midtown east, and ended up in Hell’s Kitchen. We probably hit up 6-7 bars.

One quick rant/question about the service industry.

What is the big deal in NYC with splitting checks/tabs? Some service workers make it seem like splitting a check is so time consuming or difficult. I mean they act like they are splitting atoms.

During our crawl, my friend and I arrived to one of our local bars in Hell’s Kitchen. Even before sitting down, the bartender made a nasty, sassy comment about of splitting a tab three ways. In another post, I think that I’ll talk about this “sassy for the sake of being sassy” attitude in gay culture. A few things:

  1. We did a clean three-way split. I was not like we gave him an itemized list of what each of us ordered.
  2. The bar was not packed. Since we are in pandemic mode, the bar has very limited outdoor seating and even less sitting inside. I think the outdoor portion of the bar can accommodate about 15 people. I cannot remember if he was the only one working that evening; perhaps, that was cause of his nasty, sassy attitude.
  3. Umm isn’t it you job to make these types of transactions/requests? Yes, it might suck to do them, but at the end of the day it IS part of your job. Do not give us crap because we made you do “extra” work. I mean, complain to your coworkers about us.


Is check splitting frowned upon in your area?

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  1. I waited tables some as an undergrad, working at three different restaurants, so I had my fair share of splitting checks to do. Yes, it does take a little more time but it’s really not that big of a deal. I knew other servers who made a big deal out of it and I never understood why.

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    • When I’m Va places typically will ask if you would like to split the check before ordering. I assume that it’s easier to itemize and split the check before putting in an order. Maybe the guy was having a crappy day.

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