Random Thoughts Thursdays

Just some random thoughts that are bouncing in my head.

-Man, this election has been pretty intense.

-I’m over COVID.

-I’m kind of nervous about applying to this master’s program in education policy.

-My right pinky toe and calf are killing me. I’m not really sure what I did during my fake half-marathon on Sunday.

-I know some people love it, but walking is kinda boring as a form of exercise. Since my leg has been hurting, I decided to walk (instead) of run my daily 6-7 miles this week. Maybe I was not feeling my walks because of the election.

-One more election thing. Why were some folks complaining about 3+ hour lines in NYC? I mean, the Board of Elections sent out so many ads and noticies about voting by mail over the summer. The online application took me less than 5 minutes to complete.

-I know that I say this every week. BUUUUUUT, I really need to my physical life together because I’m getting fat.

-Not sure how I feel about celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas during COVID.

-Debating if going to Puerto Rico in January is a good idea. One of my closest friends wants to do a small 40th bday celebration in Puerto Rico.

-I have been trying to read more and have been really getting into this book.

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  1. LOL. These thoughts (thots) are VERY random.

    I really do not like walking at all. Trying to like it. Now, I do like power hiking on trails and trail running. But like, soccer mom walking at 8 pm with your dog type of walking I cannot do. 🙂


  2. I like walking but not as a main form of exercise. Jason and I started taking a lot of walks in the evening during the spring lockdown since there wasn’t much to do and have kept up several a week, in fact we’re going for one this evening. I think it helps with my recovery after runs.

    Election stress is REAL. This week has felt like a year. We did the mail in ballots as well but took ours to the drop box in the city because it took the mail so long to get them to us we weren’t trusting them to get them to the county on time.

    We’re having Thanksgiving by ourselves this year though that’s more because we want to cook our own meal vs eating what my mom cooks. We’re going to my sister’s house for Christmas (only us, my parents and her/her husband/my nephew) only if my aunt doesn’t have a gathering at her house on Christmas Eve. My parents, Jason and I already decided we’re not going this year due to too many people in too small of a space for too many hours especially when some of them don’t regularly wear masks. My sister and her husband still plan on going so if it’s on Christmas Eve we’re not risking spending Christmas Day with them. Pennsylvania just topped over 3300 new cases today with 190 in the county next to ours and given the holidays haven’t even started it’s just not worth the risk to us.

    As far as Puerto Rico, I felt relatively safe flying since everyone had to wear a mask. If it’s a very small group and you know that they’ve been practicing good Covid safety measures then I’d say you could consider going.

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    • Thanks for the advice about traveling. I just sent my friend the money for our trip. Fingers crossed. Or as they would say in Puerto Rico “dedos cruzados”.

      Hopefully, your election stress levels have gone down. Let’s see what the next few weeks bring us.

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