Random Thursdays Thoughts

I know that I’m a little late with this update.

-With all of this stress, the meme below perfectly represents how I have been feeling lately. I think that I’m just over EVERYTHING.

-I think that I’m hitting my breaking point of this pandemic, which has been by Election 2020.

-BTW, not every comment, remark, or question requires setting a Zoom meeting. Just send an email Jeez.

-Speaking of Election 2020, I’m so glad that I opted for the mail in/drop off option. Lines for my polling site were like 2.5+ hours. Since I do not really trust the mail carriers in my neck of the woods, I decided to drop off my ballot.

-I’m so glad that I’m taking off a few day next week. I think that I’m gonna schedule a massage for “Marathon” Monday and just plan a Kwameday.

-Now is the countdown for my fake half marathon NYC Marathon. The plan is to run the last half the NYC Marathon for “Marathon” Sunday. Ain’t nobody got time (or the emotional fortitude) to run 26.2 miles alone.

NYC marathon, marathon, NYC

-I feel and look fat. 😦

-Do folks thinks that we will have full races in the spring? I get that people want to remain positive, but some folks are living in a fantasy.

-Just one thing as society as a whole starts moving toward a more PC culture. I think some folks are taking advantage of this, so I’m going to make this remark. To men: If a woman disagrees with you, that does not make her a b*tch. To women: If a man disagrees with you, that does not make him aggressive. Sometimes, I feel like I cannot say anything to someone else because he/she/they will be offended.

-Ok, back to work.

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  1. i’m gonna put in to get KwameDay off at work too 🙂 i could use a break and have vacation days that expire soon. I also dropped off my ballot this week so I can avoid the polling place–which i’m sure I could get in and vote but why hassle it.

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  2. I enjoy voting in person but with COVID I decided to vote by mail also. My entire family did.
    I know this election is driving a lot of the turn out, but I think vote by mail and early voting has helped also.
    Most people thought standing in line for 30-60 minutes was too long to exercise their rights.
    Now that people can vote at the kitchen table and either mail in or drop of their ballot, we may see elevated levels of voting in the future. One can hope!

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  3. I agree voting by mail this year was such a convenience though Jason and I opted to drop off ballots as well given how long it took the mail to deliver our ballots in the first place!


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