Random Thursday

-I really need to make appointments to see my physician and dentist. Nothing serious, I just realized that I did not have my yearly check ups. Normally, I try to do them in June (around my bday), but pandemic.

-I enjoyed listening to Mariah Carey’s book, The Meaning of Mariah. I even received a marathoner badge from Audible. Does that count as running a marathon?

I’m still low key chuckling about her hair issues as a biracial child. “What I needed was a Black woman with some culture, some cream, and a damn comb.” Also, I did not know that her grandfather (or was it the great-grandfather) changed the family’s name from Nuñoz to Carey when he came to the States.

-Is it worth getting a costume for Halloween this year? What am I going to do? Dress up and hang out in the apt all night?

-Although I do not have to go into to work, I have been enjoying working in the office two days a week.

-I think that I’m going to get another iPad. Any recommendations? I have not had one since 2012. It’s been this long; maybe I don’t need one.

-I was thinking about applying to an education policy masters program but forgot that I registered to take the GRE for my application. I guess that I probably should “study” for the GRE since my exam is scheduled for Nov. 6. Technically, I do not have to take the exam because the program has waived the GRE for this admissions cycle. I’m a bit annoyed because I wanted to apply for the program last semester, but I could not take the GRE because there were no in-person test sites available in NYC. Also, I was extra annoyed because the school would not waive the GRE in my case . . . EVEN THOUGH I ALREADY HAVE A FREAKIN’ PHD!!! The school was like we do not except scores that are more than five years old. The first and only time I took the GRE was back in 2001. Did pretty well without having studied for it . . . maybe lightning will strike twice. No, I’d better cram for this one.

-Speaking of education. A few weeks ago, I was thinking that it was kind of weird that I do not have any college or grad school paraphernalia. One morning at around 5 am, I ordered sweatshirts from my alma maters.

-BTW, Diet Coke is the best for hangover recovery.

-I just stared watching ABC’s Fresh off the Boat again after 2-3 years. Man, the kids have gotten so big; Eddie is taller than damn dad.

What randomness have y’all be up to.

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  1. i just booked all kinds of health checkups that i’ve deferred because of pandemic, next 30 days will be busy with annual checkups and added bonus exams for turning 50 (whomp whomp). we are not going back to work in the office til June 2021 so it’s nice you can mix it up and go into the office.

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  2. I like the hoodies !

    Not a ton of randomness going on here. Still in recovery mode. I was craving some soup with avocado for lunch so I just ate that. How is that for random 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your day.


  3. Good to squeeze those checkups in while we can (in the city, at least)! I’ve also been thinking about getting a big cozy alma mater sweatshirt. Maybe it will add some prestige to my WFH looks with joggers.

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    • I still gotta make those freaking appointments. Sometimes something will pop in my head, and unless I act on it right away, I’ll deprioritize it.

      You gotta hook up your WFH lifestyle looks. 😉 My WFH look is pretty much old race shirts. Right now, I’m wearing a Grete’s Great Gallop race shirt from 2018.


  4. I had an eye exam that got delayed because of the pandemic 6 months ago. They actually called me last week to re-schedule it, which was good because I had forgotten about it. Sometimes I wish more doctor’s offices would do that so I didn’t have to keep track of them all myself!

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  5. 1. I don’t think a Halloween costume is worth the expense this year.

    2. I’ve worked from home since Dec. 2015 and go into the office maybe once every 3 months? I love being at home.

    3. Your school situation reminds me of when I was considering a physical therapy assistant program before I was promoted to my current job. It was going to be an associate’s degree (I have a Bachelor’s degree) and they wanted me to take an into science course and an intro math course at a community college first because it “was 5 years since I graduated college” – I was ticked and glad I got my current job so that I didn’t end up following through with it.

    4. Nice hoodies – I’m still rocking my college hoodie that I’ve had since 2006 (graduated in 2009). I also rock a track hoodie from my high school that I’ve had since 2002; it’s one of the comfiest I own though it is showing its wear.

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    • 3. We’ll see if I actually go through with the application. Sometimes after a long day of staring at a cpu screen, I really do not have the energy to do anything else. If I were to do this grad program, then I would have to take classes and study after work.

      4. I will say that the Xavier hoodie is especially cozy and comfortable. Can’t wait until it gets colder so I can wear it more frequently.

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