Fake marathon training update

The Plan

Ok, so when I said that I would start training for my pretend half marathon last week (previous post: ***), I really meant that I would start this week. 😉 Since TCS NYC Marathon is canceled for 2020, I am going run the last half of the marathon to (somewhat) celebrate Marathon Sunday (Nov. 1).

NYC marathon, marathon, NYC

I finally got my life together and found an 8-week training plan (even though there are seven weeks until Nov. 1 aka Marathon Sunday) that looks pretty reasonable. For this plan, I will run 5/6 days a week with two days of X-training. However, I think that I’ll add one extra day of cross training because why not.

Not sure what really happened last week, but I pretty much did not do anything. I guess that I celebrated Labor Day for the entire week instead of the weekend. Now that I think about it some more, my (lack of) sleep schedule has been screwing me up. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a night owl who goes to sleep around 1-3 am. Last week, I told myself that I would go to bed “early”, which meant around 11pm/12am. It was a good plan, but I found myself waking up exhausted at 4/5am.

Going forward, it looks like I have no reason not to run because the weather has finally cooled down.

Virtual Running

I did it again and signed up for a couple of virtual challenges. Actually, they are the same ones that I did during the last part of the summer.

NYCRuns Subway Challenge II

I decided to sign up for the Train Operator, which will have me run about 700 miles virtually through NYC’s subway system.

One NY Cares

For this virtual challenge, I’m supposed to run the coast of western New York State, which is about 600 miles.


In one my Facebook running groups, I was surprised to see that there is an ongoing campaign to condemn the New York Road Runner’s (NYRR) toxic work environment. In case, you are not in the know, NYRR is one the largest running organizations in NYC. Also, it’s the organization that helps put on the NYC Marathon. Reading to some of the #RebuildNYRR Instagram posts sadden me because of all of good work NYRR does for the running community. That said, no amount of outward good work is beneficial if you treat your employees like crap. I do not know, it seems a bit hypocritical.

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    • NYC’s marathon is cancelled, but I want to celebrate in my own way. Some of the local running groups are planning to run the whole thing. I’m not really sure how they are going to manage the Verazano Bridge since it’s normally closed to pedestrians.

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