Food Pic of the Week

Jackson’s Eatery | Bar (***

10-37 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11101

Let’s kick off the unofficial start to fall!!!

Last weekend, I met up with an old friend for brunch at this random spot in Long Island City. Actually, I picked this spot because it was one of the three closest restaurants to the Vernon Avenue subway stop. I like to keep things simple.

Although I wanted to try almost everything this restaurant offered for brunch, I took the easy way out and went with Chicken & Waffles. However, I think there was some miscommunication between my friend and me. I thought we were going to order different things and share with each other. That plan went out of the window because she ordered Chicken & Waffles too.

Of course, it’s not a brunch without an adult cocktail or five. In this case, I tried the bourbon and ginger beer cocktail, but all of the restaurant’s brunch cocktails looked pretty fun. Actually, I could have had second carafe, but my friend is not a huge drinker.

Even though Jackson’s Eatery does not have a bottomless brunch deal, I’ll definitely will put this restaurant in my top brunch spots outside of Manhattan. Then again, I guess that I’ll count Jackson’s as a Manhattan-adjacent spot because the restaurant is only one stop outside of Manhattan.

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