Let’s get this show on the road

Normally around this time, I would be complaining about not making enough progress in my training for the NYC Marathon. Or . . . complaining about how hot it is. Well, I still complain about the latter with or without a training plan. 😉

NYC Marathon, marathon

I guess that my marathon training issues will not be too much an issue because of this dumb pandemic. To keep in the spirit of what would have been the 50th anniversary of NYC’s marathon, I gonna train to run the last half of the marathon. Honestly, the last 13.1 miles of this marathon is a bit more exciting than the first half. For the first half, runners start at the Verrazano Bridge (Staten Island) and run through Brooklyn. The second half takes you through a bit of Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, and Manhattan again.

NYC marathon, marathon, NYC

Since there are about 55 days until Marathon Sunday (Nov. 1), I think that I’ll set up a nice half marathon training plan. While I’m not running a full marathon, I think this will put me in a New York (marathon) State of Mind. Also, as I mentioned in a previous post, none of these reasons to run a virtual marathon seemed particularly inviting. More power to the folks who can and do run virtual marathons.

Although I have been doing more easy breezy 5-6 mile daily runs, training for my fake half marathon will force me to become a bit more aggressive with my training. For example, I’ll add more hill, sprint, and long run workouts.

We’ll see how this will go.

Oh crap, I just realized that this semester I teach on Saturdays and Sundays. Well . . . If I leave my apt early enough (HA!) to commute to the Pulaski Bridge in Brooklyn, then I think that I’ll be able to finish my fake half marathon well before my 12:30 pm class.

Ain’t nothing to it but to do it.

If you Planned to run a major race this fall that has been canceled, what substitutions (if any) are you going to replace the canceled race?

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  1. I’ve run one marathon in my life. I switched to the half because I just didn’t feel like I wanted to dedicate so much time to the race. We’ll see how my virtual race goes in a few weeks. I have to admit. I’m not that excited about it.


  2. Good plan! I wasn’t booked for any races but I am getting bored with my local routes and get over-excited when for example two of us ran to the hospital to pick Claire’s partner’s car up while she had an operation. Also running to find a new postbox at the weekend. Something’s got to change at some point!

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  3. It’s good to have a goal! I have a half that’s supposed to be in November in New Mexico, but who knows what will happen between now and then. I’m training for it and if I can’t run it then I’ll just be in good shape so no harm in that!


  4. i deferred Marine Corps Marathon to 2021. Now i am going to run a Half on 10/11, they are actually offering in person, staggered start (you actually go thru a start corral one at a time 6 ft apart). I think i will still do the virtual option, it’s a hike over to the race and they have you take a bus to the start line. meh, not sure i’m ready for that. so doing a virtual half for the fall.


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