Random Thoughts Thursday

Why is it such a struggle for me to start a morning run?

-The alarm clock does not go off. Now that the hubby has lost a few pounds on the Whole 30 diet, he does not snore as much so his snoring doesn’t wake me at 3, 4, and/or 5 am. Also, the nightly fireworks that would run from 10 pm to 3 am have stopped (thank the Lord). 

-I can never find all of my running stuff. Where’s the other sock? Where’s the other calf sleeve? Where’s the running tank that does not make me look like a big rig? This still happens even when I lay out things the night before. 

-I (or someone else) misplaced some things, e.g. keys, wallet, shoes, and I have to spend 10 minutes finding them. Once, I found my keys in the freaking freezer.

-My iPhone and/or Apple Watch battery is low, and I have to spend 30 minutes to charge these devices 

-I’ll bullsh*t on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter for a hot minute. Those “unusual facts” Buzzfeed articles are addictive. 

-Sometimes I make the mistake of checking work email before heading out, and I’ll answer one or two important emails. Then I’m like, while I’m here with the laptop open, I might as well answer these other emails. Next thing I know, I composing and sending emails for the next hour. 

-I get all of my clothes on and ready to head out, and my body tells me that I have to poop . . . again. I normally poop as soon as I wake up, but sometimes I have two to three rounds of pooping before leaving the apt. 

-Ok, I’m out of the apt and making my way to the park. Crap, I forgot my bottle of water, mask, and/or Apple Watch.  

-Crap, one side of my earphones does not work, so I gotta buy a new pair from a random bodega. 

Speaking of earphones for the newer iPhones. Why do some of the wired earphones require Bluetooth? Or did I buy some bootleg earphones?

What things prevent (or rather delay) you from starting your morning run?

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  1. I absolutely hate mornings like that. I don’t think there is anything you can do to stop those delays. I’ve tried all the preparing I can and still end up behind schedule. One thing I do remember though is that its never happened to me for a race; which leads me to believe maybe I’m sabotaging myself 🤔.

    Kudos to you for never giving up. Many of us end up giving up.

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    • There have a been a few times that I had to take a cab/uber to a race because I was running so behind. Since many of our local races have a 5,000+ person racing field, even if the race will starts at 8am, I know that I can get to the start by 8:30/8:45. This situation has increased my procrastination of getting ready on race day.

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  2. I think it definitely helps when you’ve been doing morning runs for so long, it becomes second nature to get up and leave your excuses at the door.

    But it is very easy to fall out of that routine. You have to just force yourself as much as it sucks sometimes to get outta that damn cozy bed. BUT I really never regret having all of the extra time in the day. I love some empty morning streets like no other. Hope it gets easier for ya!!

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  3. I’m with you on getting started in the morning. Even when I pre-plan some, I always end up dragging my feet and being so inefficient at getting ready. I’ll make like 10 trips back and forth to the same room to get stuff.

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  4. I just hit snooze button. and end up doing my run later in the day or evening or not at all. I got this aggressive alarm app on my phone but have found ways around it. I think since i’m not training for something specific i’m just ‘meh’ on long runs. tho i did manage 11 mile run last week. I also find things to do and never leave on time of when i wanted to leave. (bathroom breaks, water bottle fidgeting, head phones ….) the struggle is real!

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