Maybe I’ll hire a running coach or consultant

Back to a little bitching and moaning. 

Based on this running update from last week, I’m not sure what to do about running. For this past weekend’s long run, I attempted to run 10 miles, but I was able to complete only 8.5ish miles. I’m not too concerned with not completing my intended distance. It was hot as hell on Saturday.


My problem is the amount of walking that I have to do on pretty much all of my runs. Ok, I totally understand that it has been quite warm over this summer (like ALL summers), but I do not think that I should be walking 2 miles into a long . . . longish run. A few things come to mind. 

I’m running too slow. 

For a while, I have been reading articles that suggest running slower to run faster. I think that I’m taking the slow part of this advice to the extreme. I do not get how I can run 8’45” mile sprints a speed workout, but cannot complete 2 miles without walking during a long run. Perhaps, I’m running so slow that my brain is telling my body “f*ck, if you are running this slow, then you might as well walk for a bit.”

I’m still too “fat” for what I’m trying to do 

It’s quite clear that I have gained some weight during this pandemic, and dragging this extra mass is one of the factors keeping me slow. I am the biggest that I’ve ever been. At first, I was “muscular fat”, but I think it’s “regular fat” now. With the combination of running, doing Shaun T’s Insanity (HIIT workout), and following (for the most part) the Whole 30 diet, I have dropped a few pounds.  Actually, I have not weighed myself in a while, but the hubby has said that I’m “less fleshy” in the belly region. Perhaps, as I lose more weight, I’ll walk less while running. 

Am I injured and do not know it?

We all know that I’m always dealing with some lower back issues. But maybe there are a couple of other internal things that are out of sync. Lately, I have been experiencing more tightness in my calves, and I definitely know that my hip flexors are pretty weak. Also, I think some of the calf tightness may be attributed to the Insanity workouts. Granted, I probably do not stretch as much I as should after running. The issue of stretching is always in a constant flux with me. After Saturday’s struggle run, I did take off a couple of days (Sunday and Monday) from running and my HIIT workouts to rest. I’ll admit that I took off Monday because I was a tad hungover from Sunday Funday. I may have had a few two many of these Purple Rains while hanging on the Lower East Side. 

Purple Rain – Purple gin (I forget the brand), Prosecco, and Grapefruit juice

I did feel a bit better and more energized during Tuesday’s run, but the run was still a struggle. However, I was expecting a struggle run anyway because it was super hot on Tuesday. During the run, I really did not check my Apple Watch that much. At one point, I was like man this has been a tough 3.5 miles, then I was so hurt to see that I’d run only 2 point something miles. 

With all of these real and possible imaginary issues, perhaps, it would beneficial to sign up for a few coaching sessions or running consultations. Honestly, with the amount of information out there,  I thought that having running coaches was kind of a bougie thing to do. Well . . . then again, I am kind of cheap too. But, maybe I need a professional to get me back on track. Since I’m not seeing much improvement, I’m obviously doing something wrong.

Have you hired a running coach or consultant? If so, what was your experience? 

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  1. This is complex. On one hand you’re running in what could be the hottest part of the summer, so you’re going to see a decrease in your performance, especially if the humidity is high. Your comments about your body and some choices you’ve made could play a factor as well. In my opinion, I don’t think you need a coach yet, but maybe you should try to focus on conditioning your body for running; even switching up your runs (instead of a distance do some hill repeats).

    I typically run slower and shorter distances in the summer. I would say that your true measure of your running ability will come sometime in the fall when the weather starts to cool. As long as you stay injury free and consistent you’ll probably see some improvement.

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    • Thanks for the comment. During the week, I typically incorporate one speed workout (400, 800, 1600m sprints) or hill repeat. It was super hot today so I did 400m sprints, but I did not do as many as I would have liked.


  2. As a high school track coach I think I’m partially qualified to a running consultant… maybe. Haha Anyway I think you likely have a variety of factors in play that you’re recognizing.

    First off cut yourself a break, it really is insanely hot lately! I don’t think I’ve ever ran as many morning runs in my life as what I’ve ran so far this summer all with the goal of beating the heat. They are SLOW too even if I don’t intend them to be. Do you log your runs? I find it’s helpful for me to be able to go back and look at past month’s or years and compare the same routes around the same time to reassure myself that I’m not always as far off pace as I think I am.

    Second, losing weight will definitely help and kudos on already dropping a few pounds! Jason has unintentionally lost some weight since dedicating himself more to running this summer and the speed he’s gaining is just incredible.

    Third, you have to make a commitment to stretching. Of course right after a run is best, but anytime that same day should prove helpful. I’ve been running in the morning and I don’t foam roll until evening. It feels like a chore to me but my hips and calves lot me a lot more and ache a lot less when I stay dedicated to doing it. Do you have any hip pain at night? If so I can recommend a pillow I bought a few months ago that I feel has done wonders for helping my random hip aches.

    Hope this helps!

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    • Yes, I think that I have to start forcing myself to really stretch after running. I don’t have any hip pain during the night; however, I do wake up with really tight calves. I think Shaun T’s Insanity is contributing to the tight calves.

      Thanks for the tips.

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