The die is cast for NYC Marathon training

Although in my heart of hearts, I know that NYC Marathon will not happen. I’m not being negative or a hater, but let’s keep it real.

  • NYC has been a major COVID-19 epicenter, and we’ve just started our first phase of getting back to normal.
  • Many epidemiologists believe that the next wave of infections will happen in the fall. NYC Marathon is scheduled for Nov. 1.

Oh, and the Daily News just published this article.

Nyc, COVID19

Argh!!!! I CANNOT go through another 3 months of this quarantine mess.

Ok back to the training stuff.

The 20-week plan that I have chosen is not super aggressive with about four training runs per week plus the standard weekend long run. This time around, I going to try to incorporate better eating and nutrition habits. Then again, I say this at the beginning of each marathon training cycle. Oh, I plan to cut down on the amount of smoking because I have been smoking way too much during this pandemic. Since I’m about two weeks shy of my 40th birthday, I need to start getting together this aspect of my damn life.

Then again, minutes after seeing this sign, I got a cup of ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s.

Ben & Jerry’s Salted Caramel Blondie

If you have any major races this fall, are you going to train for them even though there is a high possibility that they will be cancelled?

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  1. I’ve already trained for 2 half marathons that have been either postponed or cancelled (one was supposed to be in April, the other in June). I’ll start training for another half marathon that will hopefully take place in September. I’m determined one of them will eventually take place in person! I really hope you’re able to run the marathon.

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  2. I’m a week and a half into my Chicago Marathon/Philly Marathon training and I totally expect them to be canceled. But I like the process of training for marathons and checking stuff off my list weekly, so I’m doing it for now. I turn 40 next month, too — happy early birthday!


  3. The only races on my radar are a 5 miler on July 4th (capped at 240 runners, registration opens June 22nd and am hoping to get in) and a 10k trail race in Sept. but that doesn’t open until July assuming it’s held. There are a few half marathons I’m keeping watch on for the fall that haven’t been cancelled yet, but I haven’t signed up until closer to the time just in case. One of my running friends is still training for the Chicago marathon.


  4. I think I have 5 half marathons in September. All virtual and all moved from earlier in the year.
    I just can’t get worked up about running 13.1 miles by my self.
    But, I’ve already paid for them and they are mailing my shirt, bib and a medal.

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  5. No races booked so I’m just maintaining 20-30 miles a week for my mental health more than anything. It’s actually useful to hear about all the violations as it’s awful here in the UK.


  6. Getting my mileage back up for my ultra. It’s smaller than these marathons with 40,000 or more people so we will see if it happens in the fall. 50 MPW for me is maintenance and feeling good with that so far!


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