Random a** Thursday

-Ugh, COVID-19

-It never fails. I start running again, then get another injury within a few days. Fortunately, I think this injury will resolve itself in a couple of days. I probably slept in a weird position on the sofa and pulled a muscle in my upper back. 

-LOL. Last weekend, I sat on a panel to discuss how to explore non-academic careers with a Ph.D. One of the attendees made my day with this comment about me on Twitter.


To be honest, several people have asked me if I do voiceover work or if I sing, especially now that I’m constantly holding more Zoom meetings. Something to consider. Eh . . . I’m too lazy to figure out how to do it. 😉

-This Pandemic board game is too intense.

It took us about 45 minutes, which included viewing a 7 min YouTube clip, to learn how to play, and I’m not 100% sure that we were playing correctly. I mean, the instructions consisted of an 8-page, 8×11 booklet. I needed a freaking smoke and a stiff cocktail to get through it. 

Unfortunately, we ran out of basil leaves so I could not properly prepare my DIVOC cocktail. 

-It’s strange that I thought I would have more time for side projects during WFH, but it seems like there is never enough time for everything.  Some of my side projects include updating my professional website and LinkedIn profile, starting a biomed/higher education blog, making infographics of my previous scientific projects, and taking some more LinkedIn Learning courses. After looking at computer screens all day, I’m just out of steam by 6pm. 

-It’s a tough one between Aaliyah and Mary J, but a slight edge will go to Aaliyah. 


-Oh I attended my first Zoom party (for Eurovision), and it was not too bad. I just wish the host of the party did a couple of test runs to work out his Zoom issues, but it was decent attempt. I’m still not 100% sure why/how Israel and Australia compete in Eurovision.

-I know this is probably super ignorant, but I did not know that black folks lived in Israel. 


This Eden Alene the would-be Israeli representative for Eurovision 2020.  

-Speaking of Eurovision. Because of COVID-19, 2020 is the first time that Eurovision has ever been canceled in its 60+ year history. 

-Eh that’s all the randomness for me today. 


  1. I will be sure to stay the hell away from that board game. I hate anything that takes an eternity just to learn how to play. My husband, who my daughter and I call “the rule nazi” would probably love it because he loves complicated games like that.

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    • If you decide to get the game, I definately recommend watching the 7min Youtube clip then reading the instruction manual. After learning the rules (kinda), the game is kind of fun because everyone is playing against the pandemics rather than against each other.

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  2. 1 – Now I want to hear your voice. Years ago I met a vendor who delivered snacks to our grocery store who had a game show quality voice.

    2 – I’m glad my husband and I aren’t the only weirdos who play “destroy the world with a virus” type games… we have Plague Inc which isn’t hard to learn and in our defense we’ve had it for about a year before all this Covid 19 stuff started. My brother in law could probably figure that game out for you, he’s a whiz and our go to in figuring out games we’re too lazy to read the directions to.

    3 – Your ignorance is forgiven since anytime I hear a black guy speak with a British accent it sounds odd to me and reminds me that they do indeed live in England.


    • Forgot to include I feel the same with expecting I would get more things done due to Covid and not having track to coach. I have done better with workouts and taking more walks but that’s basically it. I feel the same in that I’m spending 8+ hours at a computer screen, I don’t feel like doing anything else (like taking NASM classes on how to run a personal training business online) after that requires looking at a computer screen. I feel like all the extra stuff I wanted to do requires that and my eyeballs are just shot.

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