Getting Back to the Grind . . . I think

Quarantine running

Getting back into quarantine fitness has been a bit slow, but I went on a few runs last week. I will say that it was nice getting back out there, but it was tough because

  • I have not done anything physical in April,
  • It’s tough running with a buff around your face. 
running, central park
Central Park running.

It pretty much did my standard 6.1 ish mile run in Central Park.


It was a bit tough getting back into the flow because it was quite hard breathing through the buff. At certain times, with the accumulation of sweat, running felt like a light version of waterboarding. 

Also, I definitely felt the effects of not running (and chain-smoking) for an entire month. I ran easy intervals (0.75mi on and 0.25mi off) for my 6.1mi loop. Before my running hiatus, I was experiencing some pain in the lower part of my left leg. I figured that the month off would have been beneficial; however, I’ve noticed that the pain is back. 😦 So, I am a bit concerned about this pain and not sure what to do about it. . . if I can do anything about it.  Perhaps, my quarantine life weight gain is putting extra stress on my almost 40 years old bones. 

Below is the elevation map of Central Park’s 6.1 mi outer loop. 


Perhaps, I should have started running a flatter course and built up to Central Park’s rolling hills. Whatever is going on with my leg, I need to figure it out because I would like to begin training for NYC’s Marathon  . . . which probably will not happen. But, better safe than sorry. Also, I would like to get back to my 2020 resolution of running a half marathon every month, with the exception of April. 

Random question: Is it too soon to award virtual race medals in the form of coronavirus particles?


Have you been running with a mask? If so, how has it affected your running?

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  1. Have not run with a mask but it’s more rural here, I maybe pass 1 or 2 sets of walkers or runners on a 6mile run and they’re either across the street or I give them space as I pass. I’m in for the Marine Corp Marathon in Oct but I’m not optimistic it will happen. Strange times indeed. I do think virus particles medal is a bit gauche. I guess if you really need the hand sanitizer you’d buy it?

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  2. It’s too hot here to run with a Buff all the time. I’ve tried pulling it up just when I see someone, then letting it fall back down, but that’s not ideal of course. Lately I’ve just been running in places where I know people don’t walk or at least not nearly as often and then I’ll give them a huge amount of space if I see someone, often running in the road if no cars are coming. I’m sure it’s a lot harder for you to avoid people in NYC.

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  3. I’ve run a few times with a neck gaiter. (sp?)
    It’s made out of rayon or some other synthetic material. Not sure how effective it is but it meets the letter of the law.
    I pulled it over my nose and mouth when I got close to people. No way I could do an entire run with one over my face.
    A piece of fabric must reduce airflow into your lungs by 10%. That has an effect over a few miles.

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    • That’s one of the things that I have been thinking about when folks start freaking out about wearing masks while exercising. As you run, you will begin to sweat which will make the mask damp/wet. Compared to a dry mask/buff, wouldn’t a wet one allow more potential viral particles to bypass the mask/buff?


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