Food Pic of the Week

“Kwablo’s Place” 

Our apartment in Harlem 

FYI: Kwablo is the combination of the hubby’s and my names. 

I hope everyone is excited for TGIF. 😉

quarantine cooking, foodie

The hubby made a nice healthy meal for us the other day.


I also contributed to the meal by making frozen cosmo cocktails. I was trying to recapitulate the beverage from one of my post-work, happy hour spots (Rise Bar, NYC). I even gave myself a 2-4-1 coupon so I could have another one. 😉 

Hopefully, y’all will have a nice weekend. For my Christian folks, happy Welcome Back Jesus weekend. 

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    • I’m not so good with cocktail recipes; I pretty much pour the booze until my ancestors tell me to stop. 😉 That said, the cocktail’s staples are vodka (and gin), cranberry juice, and triple sec.


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