Training Update: Marathon Madrid Wks. 3 & 4

I think that I hit a bit of wall training for this thing. Over the last two weeks, I have not really been feeling it . . . especially when it comes to my weekly long runs. However, I have been doing my regular runs so that’s something . . . I guess. The cold weather during the past two weekends may have drained my motivation to do my weekly long runs. At this stage of training, I’m at the 16-18 mile range for my long runs. This weekend, I have a half marathon planned. Perhaps, I can add a few miles to this race and get back on my marathon training track. Maybe the half marathon will reignite my interest in Madrid’s Marathon.

The other thing that has me feeling a certain type of way is the increasing reports about coronavirus (Covid-19). At this point, I highly doubt that Madrid will hold its marathon.  Sorry, I’m typically the cup is half empty kind of guy. Italy has already canceled major events (e.g. Venice’s Carnival), and Germany, a major powerhouse in the EU, has started conducting border checks. Once Germany starts implementing travel restrictions, I feel that the rest of the EU is going to follow suit. The UK is also closely monitoring the Covid-19 situation. Earlier today on Instagram, I saw this notice regarding the London Marathon, which is the same day as Madrid’s Marathon. 


UGH! If it isn’t one thing, it’s another. 

One happy thing.

This weekend, we celebrated our one-year marriage anniversary. YAY “Kwablo” (Kwame + Pablo).


This was the last thing in a 5-course meal; we even had two “courses” within the dessert course. Man. I think that I’m still full after that meal. 

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  1. Training always comes with those lulls. Especially marathon training. Stay the course and don’t assume anything for Madrid. If it happens, you’ll be ready, and if they cancel, don’t waste the training. Find a marathon in that same time frame and jump in.

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    • If it’s canceled, I am not going to beat myself up too much. I was kind of using this marathon as a practice for NYC’s marathon in Nov. I think that I’ll be more disappointed if we cannot travel to Spain. Madrid’s marathon is supposed to be part of a 1.5 week vacation.

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  2. I have a track girl who was supposed to go to Spain next month with her brother’s soccer team and their trip was just cancelled by the travel agency due to the virus. I really hope your marathon isn’t cancelled but unfortunately I won’t be surprised if it is. It’s just craziness lately.

    Congrats on the anniversary!

    Jason and I will be heading to NYC in June for a 2 night stay in Manhattan to see Jagged Little Pill. I am sure I will be asking for some restaurant recommendations from you as we get closer to that weekend!

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    • One hand, I will not be toooooo devastated if the marathon is cancelled. I’ll be annoyed that we will not be able to have our trip. We were planning to spend about 10 days in Spain.

      I’ve heard really nice things about Jagged Little Pill. If you are into fancy steak houses, Peter Luger is your best bet . . . But, make your reservations now.

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  3. Maybe no marathon but still get a vacation?!?

    Thanks, actually Jason likes to try all kinds of unique foods you can’t get just anywhere so if there’s any ethnic/exotic places that you suggest we’re all for it!

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  4. I’m training for an April marathon in Delaware and am so paranoid it could get canceled that I registered for another one near my home next Sunday. I hate the idea of my training going to waste!

    Happy anniversary!

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    • I’ve never been one to be bothered with hysteria . . . maybe it’s my own self-centered nature. However, I do agree with organizers canceling certain events just as a precaution. If Madrid were to cancel its marathon, I would completely understand. I do think that some folks are worrying way too much about this thing . . . at least for now. Call me once this thing mutates into a more virulent form.


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