Training Update: Marathon Madrid Wk. 3

The theme of this training week. Rain, rain go away come back another day. It seems like we had so much rain this past week in NYC. For me, rainy days mean boring treadmill days. 

Generally speaking, it looks like my overall cardiovascular health has improved from Dec to Feb.


Before reading Hansons Marathon Method, I never really cared about VO2 max.

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I knew of the term, but just never really cared about it. Probably because I did not know much about in relation to running and training.  Although it went up a bit since December, I do not know much I can trust it after looking at times from Tuesday’s workout.

Monday: Strength training

Tuesday: Mile intervals

It was one of those treadmill days, which meant that I could not hit the streets for these intervals. I learned something this from this training day . . . I cannot rely on my Apple Watch for treadmill running. IMG_2670

By no means, I am not a fast runner. But, I think that I am good decent enough shape where I would not run one-mile intervals at a 10+ min/mi pace . . . especially with my a 170 bpm heart rate. If this is the case, then I definitely need to be in the hospital and not training for a marathon. For the mile intervals, I was running a 10:00 – 8:34 min/mi pace according to the treadmill so something is amiss. Even if the Apple Watch did not accurately track my intervals, I know that I had a good and productive workout.

Wednesday: 5 miles with fartleks

I believe this was the first day without rain during the week so I made sure that could hit the pavement outside for this workout. It felt nice not running on a treadmill. I pretty much ran

Although this was an easy run, I incorporated fartleks during this run. This run confirmed that my Apple Watch is a bit off for treadmill running because, for this easy run, I ran 10:20 min/mi pace for the first half and a 9:44 min/mi for the second half.

Maybe because I had not heard the entire album in a while, but I was really jamming out to old school Shakira. Back when she had black hair in the late 90s.


Friday: Upperbody strength day

Saturday: 13.1 miles 

I participated in Rockpulco Run’s half-marathon. I’ll expand a bit on the race in a race report. All I have to say I have my first official cold-ass race under my belt, and it felt great to complete that race. 


Sunday: Rest day 

After being inspired by the previous day’s half marathon and reading “Running to the Edge”, I really wanted to do an easy 2-3mi run. However, after class, I experienced an intense migraine . . . the kind that feels like someone is constantly stabbing you in the eye.

Goals for the week. 

In previous marathon training plans, I liked to incorporate a couple small training or non-training goals for the upcoming week.

  • Find a podiatrist ASAP. The corn that’s in between my fourth and fifth toes of my right foot’s pain is getting a bit worse. I have been using cushion pads to separate to the toes and to relieve the pressure; however, this is proving to be like putting a bandaid on a gunshot wound.
  • Run with at least ONE of my running groups.

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  1. Looks like you had a pretty good week.

    VO2 Max is interesting for sure, but I don’t put much stock into it. The number my watch gives is only as good as the raw data and since it’s based on wrist heart rate, I’m skeptical.

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