Training Update Fred Lebow Half Marathon: Week 3


A quick recap

I hope everyone had great Thanksgivings. My week of working out was not super eventful, but I put in the work . . . at least.

Random question: Has anyone tried Strava’s Summit?

Fred Lebow Half Marathon

Monday: Completed 4 mi | Planned 4 mi

A simple Monday morning run that took me through Randell’s Island with a touch of the Bronx before going to back to Manhattan.3Bh+ydoaShiAdUuhIvJM0w_thumb_3ae8

There was not anything too eventful from this run with the exception of this fence Eat Me design.


Tuesday: Completed 2.5 mi; X-train – Brawl | Planned 5 mi

Since I did not have much time to run the full 5 miles, I decided to do some intervals on the treadmill. I could have run the full 5 miles, but I really wanted to check out a newish class at Crunch Fitness. 

Essentially, Brawl is a 45-min boxing-based cardio class. Let me say that this cardio class kicked my ass. This class showed how much work I really need to do (in addition to running) to get my ass back into shape. Besides the general shadow boxing and punching body bad stuff, there was quite a bit of HIIT portions of the class.

Thursday: Completed 3.2 mi | Planned 4 mi

My first run for my Thanksgiving holiday break in Virginia. I did this run in one of the local parks in Portsmouth, Va. It was a nice run along the water and kind of sorta around a cemetery. 

Random: Bacchus, my deceased beagle’s full name was Simonsdale Bacchus Beagle. I totally forgot that I purchased Bacchus in the Simonsdale section, which is near this park.

The neigborhood where Bacchus’ canine lived.

I wonder if any of Bacchus’ littermates are still alive.

Friday: Completed 4.1 mi | Planned 2 mi

Look at me running in my birth city of Norfolk, Va. Although I only had to do 2 miles, I wanted to burn off some of turkey and wine from Thanksgiving dinner. It was kind of nice running in the downtown section of Norfolk, which I have never done before. This was the area where we used to hang out when I came home for Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations during college. 

 Saturday: Completed 6.7 mi | Planned 7 mi

I guess this technically was supposed to be my long run. However, I was very hungover. . . Actually, I’m surprised that I woke up, drove 30 minutes to Mt. Trashmore Park, and did this run. Mt. Trashmore has a special place in my heart because this park was the site of my high school’s cross country meets and many practices. 


The “long” run was nice, but it felt like I was struggling through most of the run . . . more because I was hungover and was not really feeling it. After I finished, I was glad that I powered through it, with the exception of the last 0.25 miles.

Although I was not feeling the run, which essentially was two (or was it three) loops around the park, I did push myself and climbed the largest hill (twice). near the end of the run.

Sunday: Completed 1.7 mi treadmill recovery strides for| Planned Rest

Man, Sunday was quite yucky in southeastern Virginia. Probably, that was the case for most of the east coast. I decided to use a free pass to Onelife Fitness,  do an easy recovery run and spend time really stretching.


Going to this gym made me realize one thing – I need to switch gyms ASAP. No, there is not a Onelife Fitness in NYC, but going to this gym made me realize that I’m a bit over Crunch Fitness. I’m over this gym because it is not convenient. Actually, when I finish writing this entry, I’m going to email Crunch’s membership department to see how I can go about canceling my membership. Oh snap, now I just received a Cyber Monday email to join New York Sports Club (NYSC) for $1 down, no membership fee, and $59/month for most of the NYSC locations. My current Crunch Fitness membership is about $110. 

It was nice to be home, but I’m glad to be heading back to NYC . . . if my flight is not canceled because of the storm affecting the northeast. Being able to drive to workouts was a huge pro while training in VA this week. I had to chuckle about driving 4 miles to run 3 miles in a park.

Here is what’s on the docket for week four. 


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