Quick Nonrunner NYC Marathon Review

As most know, I could not run this year’s NYC Marathon due to an injury. I will say that after arriving from Hawaii the Saturday before the marathon, it took all of my strength to cancel my marathon registration. Even though I was not running, I was up for most of the night. I think it was a combination of being on Hawaiian time and having nerves for a race that I was not running. 

On Marathon Sunday, I thought that I was going to be super crabby and attitudie that I was not running. Surprisingly, I was not. I even made to Marcus Garvey to see the elite men pass Mile 22. 

nyc marathon 2019
The top three or four men runners

Actually, I would have been a bit pissed if I did not catch the elite runners considering that we live 0.5 blocks from Mile 22. I gotta say that it was an exciting experience spectating the marathon. Besides volunteering at a fluids station once, I have never watched the NYC Marathon in the 18 years that I have lived in NYC. To be perfectly honest, before I started running again, I actively avoided the marathon.

It was so inspirational watching people attempt, meet, and achieve their goals of running a marathon. I have to admit that I got a little misty-eyed while spectating. Maybe I was still in my feelings that I was not running. Maybe it was the crisp autumn air. To make myself feel better, I tracked the other Kwames who were running the marathon. 

nyc marathon
Other folks with my name.

 Go Kwame Doh and Kwame Siriboe!!!!

Oh, what a small world. I randomly saw my high school “twin” running the marathon so of course, we gave each other a fist bump.

nyc marathon 2019

Outside of Facebook, I have not seen him since 1998. Twin is in quotes because many folks in high school thought we looked alike, which was not the case. We went to a predominately white high school with very few African Americans. I guess all the Black folk “looked alike”. 

I also gotta say that the entertainment at Mile 22nd was on and poppin with all of the old school throwback R&B and Disco Soul songs. It was really a huge party in Harlem. 

nyc marathon 2019
Just out here lending a hand.

I really cannot wait until next year’s marathon (it’s going to be NYC Marathon’s 50th birthday); hopefully, I will not be injured this time around.  

Congrats to all of the participants and finishers of TCS NYC Marathon!!!! See you next year . . . I hope.


  1. It was probably cool to get new perspective by spectating this one. I should try it.

    Kwame Doh is an awesome name.

    At first I thought “attitudie” was a typo, but it’s actually a solid word. I might steal that one. 🙂

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