26.2 reasons to run NYC’s Marathon

In my last post, “26.2 reasons why I’m relieved that I’m not running NYC Marathon”, I was a bit of a hater. Now, that we (technically, y’all) are less than two weeks out from NYC Marathon, I figure that I would spread some positivity…for the most part.

1. It’s the largest marathon in the world. I may need someone to fact check this for me.

2. Most people will never spend a major chunk of time in all five boroughs in one day. I know folks who are from NYC that have not visited all five boroughs.

3. From what I hear, the opening ceremony activities are pretty fun.

4. It’s addicting. After running one, you’ll want to run more.

5. The crowd support is great.

6. The marathon is right after Halloween so you can get leftover trick or treat candy while running.

7. This year’s medal is in the shape of an apple. Feeling major FOMO about this one.

NYC Marathon

8. You have the opportunity to run alongside celebrities (***). I know the guy from MTV’s Catfish and Tiki Barber regularly run NYC’s Marathon.

9. Free coffee, bagels, and GU’s at the start village. At least they were there last year.

10. For the most part, NYRR makes the process of picking up race materials and travel to the starting village pretty darn simple.

11. You can “brag” about it completing the marathon for the rest of the month and/or year.

12. With the exception of a few bridges, the course is relatively flat. The 59th Street Bridge is a killer for me. But, you can listen to Simon and Garfunkel’s 59th Street Bridge Song for inspiration. 

13. NYRR is pretty good with fluid stations. With the exception of the first three miles (most of which is crossing the Verrazano Bridge), there are fluid stations near every mile.

14. For the past few years, NYC has had nice fall weather. Actually, last year was a bit too warm for me.

15. Free beer around Mile 17.

NYC Marathon 2018
Beer at Mile 17

16. It will move/inspire/celebrate/motivate you.


17. You’ll have awesome views of different parts of the city.

18. Hearing the roar of the crowd coming off of the 59th Street Bridge and up 1st Avenue will be unforgettable. You’ll need that energy to get you through the Bronx.

19. If you are not a super-fast runner, you can make friends with fellow runners if you need to take a walk break.

20. Some folks will run in some interesting costumes.

21. Getting a steak dinner.

22. The post-marathon expo is really fun. Going forward, I don’t think that I’d pay to have my medal engraved.

23. I’ll be cheering on folks at Mile 22.

24. You’ll get an extra hour of sleep because of daylight saving time.

25. Every start village is like its own NYC party.

26. There are several Facebook groups that can provide advice and tips for this marathon.

0.2. You’ll have an amazing feeling of accomplishment. 


  1. Aw love it! One day I’ll run it. It’s certainly on the list.

    It’s such a crowded marathon, for some reason I feel like I would like the Hamptons Marathon better. But I’m bougie like that lol 🙂 🙂 I prefer intimate races. I loved Chicago and of course MCM but both made me feel claustrophobic in the first few miles.

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