Random Thoughts Thursday (Hater Edition)

  • I’m a bit in hater mode. Since I’m injured, I have major FOMO seeing folks’ training updates on their blogs and social media.
  • Why in the hell does TicketMaster charge a goddamn $13 service fee? I’m going to a show in a few weeks. The tickets are around $39 which makes the service fee is like 30% of the ticket price. FYI, I’m pretty cheap when it comes to live shows. There is no one that I’m going to pay more than $100 bucks for a ticket. Hell, nowadays, artists’ concerts are on Youtube.
  • Oh, I’m going to see this nut.
    • “No, no era yo. La que lloraba amargamente abandonada en un rincon. No, nunca fui yo. La que vivia de migajas y sobras de amor.”
  • This is how I feel during my post-work commute when I take the bus. I don’t get why people bring so much crap with them on the bus.


  • I think that I’m going to remove my work email account from my phone. I wonder if there is a way to stop work emails from going to my phone between the hours of 7 pm and 6 am? I guess I could always put down the freakin phone.
  • I know mental illness is not a laughing matter. Buuuuuuut. Can I go ONE day without being harassed by someone wanting something? I guess that I should be thankful that I do not have any mental issues (for the most part), but damn. This is partially related to my job because I spend most of my day answers questions from or about my students. 
    • Oh, the other day, I was called a not so nice word because I would not give a person a cigarette (I was down to two) or money (who carries cash nowadays?).
  • I think that I need an NYC break. Fortunately, I have some work trips lined up – Hawaii in October and Anaheim (Disneyland) in November.
  • Why must people bike on the FREAKIN’ sidewalk? If you are too scared to ride a bicycle on the street (especially those with bike lanes), then don’t ride a bike.
  • How much money would you spend on the medical care of a pet? One of my Facebook friends’ FOURTEEN-year-old dog has been through T-cell lymphoma (or was it leukemia), THREE rounds of chemo, and at least eight blood transfusions. The chemo has caused some kidney failure, hence all of the blood transfusions. As a dog lover (well a floppy-eared dog lover), I totally understand that pets are a part of the family, but it just seems like this person’s family is prolonging the inevitable. Talking about: send thoughts and prayers. Maybe God is trying to call the dog home, but y’all keep blocking his attempts.

5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Thursday (Hater Edition)

  1. Agree! Bikers on sidewalks is a no go. I yelled at tourists parking on the sidewalk this past weekend so they could look at the ocean. Don’t annoy me while im on the long run. Hope u can get back to running soon


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