NYC Marathon Training Update (Week 3)

General housekeeping: 

-The weather has not been too bad out there. 

-I have been having a slight pain near the inner right side of my hip. 

-I’m surprised that I have not missed too many training runs.


Planned, 6mi easy

Actual, 3mi

I just was not feeling running any extra mileage. 


Planned, 8X 800m (7mi total)

Actual, 6X 800 (5mi total)

I think this may have been my first speed work exercise for this round of marathon training. I know that I was supposed to do eight 800 intervals, but I totally misread my training calendar and did only six of them. Oops. I will say that it was nice to do something a little “different” rather than just running for a set distance. 


Unbeknownst to me, the pool where I swim morning laps has a decent outdoor track in the sports complex so that makes life a bit easier. 


Planned, XT

Actual, 30min laps (morning) and 45min Zumba (evening) 

My Zumba workout made me realize that I have missed my weekly Wednesday Zumba class. 

Also, I am a bit sad that the summer open lap swim program is coming to a close. Where I’m a going to get my swim on?


Planned, 6mi easy

Actual, 2mi ~3mi hot mess 

Maybe my previous day’s workouts were too much, but I had no energy when trying to attempt this run. The original plan was to run to and around Randell’s Island, but I ran down the wrong avenue so I decided to run to and through the Bronx. Outside of running the NYC marathon, I do not think that I have ever run in the Bronx as part of my training. 

This run started off very sluggish. I thought it was because of the previous day’s workouts, but then I noticed the right side of my hip was very sensitive and sore. I just assumed that it was due to my body warming up. Rather than doing the full 6 miles, I decided to cut it short so I would not further injure myself. You know what? I just realized that I did not start Strava until a mile into the run, so I guess that I did run close to three miles. 

These sprinklers in Marcus Garvey Park were the best thing from this run. 




Stayed home and binged watched Family Guy. Oh and made some delicious pork chops for dinner.


Planned, 16mi

Actual, 15.1mi 

Long run day!!!!

The plan was to start my run at 8 am, which meant that I did not get to my run until 10:45ish. It never fails with my procrastinating ass. 


Although this was my longest run (so far) in this training plan, I did have a few issues, which are numbered on the map above.

  1. Started to feel a little sensitivity in my right shin.
  2. Right hip sensitivity started up again. #1 and #2 more or less went away about 2/3 miles into the run. 
  3. My right foot started to hurt. I stopped and took off my shoe and noticed that a blister was starting to form. Since it was not anything affecting a bone or a muscle, I decided to push on and blocked out the pain. I may have been at mile 8 when that happened. After another mile or so, I did not really notice it any longer . . . until I finished. 
  4. Man! There were  SO MANY tourists out. 
  5. The original plan was to run across the Brooklyn Bridge into Brooklyn and run across the Manhattan Bridge back into Manhattan. When I got to the Brooklyn Bridge, I saw that the bridge was SUPER congested with tourists.
Brooklyn Bridge
Congested Brooklyn Bridge? That will be a Hell No for me.

6. While running over the Manhattan Bridge a small group of tourists hailed me down to take a picture. I guess that I was running THAT slowly. The poor folks thought they were on the Brooklyn Bridge, instead of the Manhattan Bridge. I felt kind of bad for them. But, did they not see the million signs that said Manhattan Bridge before getting on it? Maybe someone gave them the wrong directions.

Overall, my run was just ok. I think Strava was a little off because it said that I was running some of my miles around a 9min/mi pace rather than a 10min/mi pace. Also, I really need to start figuring out my nutrition needs for my long runs. I’m somewhere between eating too much or eating too little before starting these long runs. 


Planned, Rest

Actual, light XT with strength training and stretching 

Since I have been having some issues with my hip, I decided to hit up the gym to do some stretching. Oh, I checked out a New York Sports Club because I’m interested in switching gyms. I mentioned this last week’s Random Thursday post (***). More on this in another post. 

What pace do you typically run for your long runs when training for a marathon? Do you run faster than, at, or slower than marathon pace?

I normally aim for 1-1.5 minutes slower than my anticipated marathon pace. 

Plan for the upcoming week.



  1. Even though I’m training for a half marathon and not a marathon, I’ll run my long run at about 1 min/mile slower than half marathon pace one week and the next week I’ll run a portion (the second part) of my long run at half marathon goal pace with the first part at the slower pace.

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  2. Woo nice job! Now I’ve only ever been to parts of Manhattan and no where else in NYC, but I never thought it seemed like a good area to run in because of so many people and having to stop and wait to cross streets. Are the other areas not like that?


  3. Central Park is a good place to run. There are bike and pedestrian paths that go around the perimeter of Manhattan . . . for the most part. But running through the island can be a pain with constant stop and go, but some people like it.


  4. nice change on to the look of the blog, sorry i haven’t been on here in a bit. For my long runs i don’t consciously aim for a pace and am generally not great at keeping a specific pace. I just go too fast at the start and then fade away by the end. 😐 I just try to get in the miles.


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