Training Report (well not really)

This post will have to be quick because I have crap to do.

I feel like this will be a frequent complaint in many of my future posts so I might as well get it out of the way now. Man, oh man, is it hot out there. Ok, done.

This past week, I ran a little over 12 miles. Ugh, I’m already feeling defeated for the marathon training plan that I described yesterday. I mean, 12 miles is supposed to be the beginning of my weekly long runs, and that’s the distance I covered over seven days. I will admit that having a holiday in the middle of the week did not help matters.

A nice view of the George Washington Bridge and Hudson River during my Sunday run.

Fourth of July

Before I jump into the report, I had a fantastic time on the 4th of July. I spent it at the hubby’s friend’s rooftop party, which had an awesome view of Manhattan and (most important) the Macy 4th of July Fireworks.



I probably had waaaay too much wine, beer, champagne, Jello shots, and (ugh) Fireball. Seriously, who the hell over 30 years old still drinks/shoots Fireball? One week into the last year of my 30’s and I already failed my motto for the remainder of my 30s.


Battle of the bulge

Aside from running my weak 12 miles, I have been incorporating more strength/X-training into my weekly routine. Not only has my running power dwindled, so has my general strength overall. Man, the next few marathon training months are going to be Zd2qdi+ZRZqJKjqJWBFT7A_thumb_2fcd a complete STRUGGLE. The Marathon Training Academy had a great podcast about weight loss for marathoners, and I received some decent advice and a couple plans of attack from the podcast. One key thing that I learned is that you cannot/should not count running as your leg days. I guess that I knew that but I actively ignored it.  Since I have bad/weak back issues, I have been doing nightly stretches and low-impact lower body exercises every night this week. Hopefully, this will be a practice that I can incorporate for the long term. I have noticed that I have a tendency to slouch a lot on the sofa when I’m home, and it creates back issues during the week. I guess it was not too big of a deal when I was a scientist (and weighed less) because I would stand for about 50 – 70% of my workday doing my experiments. Since I’m an administrator, I sit pretty much all damn day. Another thing I learned from the podcast, hard liquor and wine are better than beer. 😉

Meeting and greeting folks

For the past couple of entries, I mentioned that it has been kind of difficult meeting and making new running friends/acquaintances in real life. This weekend, I volunteered as a “bageler” with the Front Runners NY – my other running group that I never run with.  But, I have a feeling that will change very soon. After the Saturday fun runs, frnythe club provides breakfast (bagels, cereal, protein bars, fruit, etc.) for members. Actually, it was a pretty nice experience, and the members were super nice and friendly. The past couple of Manhattan events that I attended, I found that quite a few of the members were kind of sassy and cliquish. I specified the Manhattan events because there is a Brooklyn component to FRNY, but those folks were SUPER nice and cool. Since I was working crazy hours that that BS biotech company in Brooklyn, I could not make many of the Brooklyn fun runs. Hopefully, this weekend volunteering event will be a nice reset of my relationship with FRNY. This reset could really help me train for this year’s marathon because FRNY’s long run schedule aligns with mine (or rather Runner’s World) for the most part.

Foot Gear

Looks like it’s time for a new pair of shoes. These shoes aren’t even THAT old; I think I got them last year in October.


Random, why do my shoes always rip, tear, or have holes in the right shoe?

The right shoe is a mess (the pic was taken in a mirror)

The shoes before the pair in the above had a big ass hole on the outside of the right shoe. Maybe I land weird on my right side when I run.

Going back to the point that I made earlier in the post about my dwindling general fitness. As you can kinda see in this photo, my arms, without flexing, had some definition.

A couple more of my shoes with holes in the right shoe.

LOL. The Alcoholism “book” in the above-left picture is a free journal subscription for members of the Research Society on Alcoholism (RSoA). Back in my scientist days, one of my research projects involved studying the role that alcohol (and cigarettes) consumption had in oral cancers. 

Fingers crossed that the NYRR Superstore/Supercenter (or whatever hell it calls itself) has this shoe . . . with the wide toe box.

Speaking of feet: The surgery that never happened

Last week (or the week before last), I was supposed to have surgery to shave down a bit  of bone on the fifth toe of my right foot. That did not happen because the podiatrist’s office could not/did not want to get a pre-authorization from my insurance company for the procedure. I am not trying to get a random, surprise 1K, 2K, 3K medical bill for some crap that is not covered by my insurance. Hell just this week, I received a bill for $284 for my last visit. This bill is in addition to the $50 copay that I paid in late May. Basically, $334 for a 15-minute visit. What happened during this visit? He clipped some of the dead skin that was in between my fourth and fifth toes (something I could have done myself at home), put a piece of gauze and a bandaid on the toe, and scheduled the surgery. Fuckin con artists.

Well, I guess that I should have saved this post for Random Thursdays since this was not much of a training update.

What fun did you get up to for the 4th of July?

How do you increase your speed for a marathon training plan during the summers months?

Do you just focus on getting in the distance and worry about the speed in Sept/Oct.?



  1. Hi- as far as the speed question- the plans I pockbhave soeedwork from the beginning of the 18, or whatever, weeks. Overall, they start with speedier shorter intervals and as the months go by they slow and lengthen (but are still faster than marathon or half marathon pace). So, for example, now you’d be doing 12X400 m @ 5k pace approx with a 400m jog between and a few warmup and cool down miles on either end, as your speed day.
    As the weeks go on that lengthens to 600, 800, 1 mi etc with differing repeats but all still faster. Then it could lengthen to 3X2mile repeats at a slightly slower pace – 10K pace let’s say), closer to the marathon. maybe early fall. This is a once a week workout. Then you could add a tempo run during the week where you practice running your target marathon pace. You could start at 1,2,3 miles or whatever and build up to being able to run 10-12 miles total at marathon pace. You can run warm up and cool down miles on either side of the MP miles. Then the third workout type run for the week is your long run. The runs and miles inbetween these workouts are supposed to be run easy- slower than MP. This structure is essentially a Hanson’s plan. There is a book.
    I am doing Chicago in October this year and am not doing Hanson’s this time, but a plan that has me running “strides” mixed into my runs 3-4 times a week as the speedwork. So, for example, on my hardest speed day so far I’ll run 15X 1 minute all out sprints with a 2 min jog between. This is sandwiched in the middle of a 10 mi run. That’s a hard workout! I have 2 other runs with strides in them during the week but they are shorter and easier. Maybe 5X 30 second with a 1-2 min jog between sandwiched Into a 6-8 mile run. Sometimes there are Uphill Strides. Strides or speedwork in general are meant to get you faster, but more importantly improve your running economy.
    IDK- there are a lot of ways to improve speed and running economy. Another useful type of run which is easier logistically is a Fartlek. You could just simply incorporate like 2 Fartlek sessions a week and I bet you’d see big improvements in speed and overall fitness. The Fartlek is less fussy as far as measuring it and timing it. Instead of trying to run 5k pace or whatever pace for your intervals you would simply run faster by effort (feel) between two lampposts or 2 trees or whatever you see along the way. Make them closer together at first and lengthen them out as the weeks go by. I’m sure there is better explanations of it on google but it’s a simple concept. And do t worry about what speed you’re running or how far- just go faster between 2 objects. Easy! 😂

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  2. I am quite guilty of consider a running day as “leg day” as well. That’s probably why I ended up with muscular imbalances that led to my hamstring injury. We’re never too old to learn though right?

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