Food Pics of the Week

These pics are brought to you by the Rockaways.

Every time I take a beach day on Jacob Riis beach, I always try to hit up the boardwalk on Beach 97th. The boardwalk has a few small eateries – a little of something for everyone. Too bad the lobster roll place is no longer there.

Beach day #1 La Cevicheria ( *** )

Not as good as the ceviche in Perú, but it hits the spot. I wish that the ceviche and causa had a little more spice to it.


Beach day #2 Easy Tiger

My first time at this food stand, and it may be my new favorite place on the beach. The beef brisket bun was out of this world. I wished that I ordered three of the brisket, instead of two and one curry chicken.


RIP Kerry Hills


My super random pub has closed for good. During my previous trips to the Rockaways, I would drop by this place for $2-3 adult beverages after my feeding on B97’s boardwalk. On one occasion, an older man told me that he “caught” oral cancer because he ate too much pussy when he was younger. Usually, strangers don’t tell these stories to other strangers. But, hey, it’s the Rockaways. Oh, he did buy me a few shots because it was my birthday. Plus, I am always a fan of TMI. 




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