Random Thursday – Birffffffday Edition

I have been having a great staycation/birthday week, but I do not know if my liver will be too happy. 


Boozing around town; I do like my froses.



A few of my friends and I had an unlimited sangria brunch at one of my favorite restaurants, Calle Ocho ( *** ).

Then things got a little crazy after getting post-brunch drinks. Yes, after drinking sangria for a couple of hours, we went for a quick walk in Central, then went to another bar for more drinks. In our defense, it was hot as hell on Sunday. After the second round of drinks, we decided to get pedis, and someone suggested pride colors for my toes. 


The color pattern doesn’t quite work because there are six colors in the pride flag (don’t even get me started with the black and brown stripes that some folks are trying to add), and we have only five toes.

lgbt flag
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels.com


The hubby and I headed to the beach for some fun in the sun. Boy was it hot out. It was a nice beach day; however, the water was really cold. 

Jacob Riis Beach
Jacob Riis Beach

Look, I even found a free ashtray while I was swimming. 😉


The hubby even made chicken strips and a Spanish tortilla for our snack.iYw%X6ANQPGhmPaRCWr7kA_thumb_2efc

Look, Lady Gaga visited my neighborhood for my birthday. 😉


Tuesday (my actual birfffffday): 

Nothing too big. I don’t know, I’ve never been into huge bday celebrations for myself. However, I do like going to other folks’ huge birthday celebrations. The hubby and I kept things pretty low key. We went to one of my favorite hole in the wall seafood restaurants, Astoria Seafood Market ( ***  ).

After our food-, wine-, and champagne-induced coma, we grabbed some drinks with some friends in our neighborhood. Hey, we even came in second place in trivia at a random bar.

Quick serious moment. I get that Harlem has been undergoing gentrification over the past few years, but I kind of hate being the only black person (besides the staff) in a bar in Harlem. Well, I guess that I can count the art mural having other black folks in the bar. 


I do not know, but it throws off my energy being the only person of color in social spaces, especially in neighborhoods that are predominately black and brown. 

Oh, I received this “voucher” as one of my gifts from the hubby.


I was planning to buy the tickets this weekend anyway.


Random hanging out. I did hit up one of my hole in the wall Vietnamese restaurant for a big ass bowl of pho.


After this week, I figure that it would do my body good by consuming liquid other than booze. Wait, I split a bottle of wine with my friend at the restaurant. Also, I had a bit of a sore throat from screaming at a bar, whose music was entirely too damn loud. 


Planning to do another day at the beach once I finish doing laundry.


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