Random Thoughts Thursday

I just love bottomless brunch specials. UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_2d44

Ack! I still need to register for (and run) three more races for guaranteed entry into 2020 TCS NYC Marathon.

Anyone got a good pre-marathon training plan? I think I would like to start training in July/August.

Has anyone used NYRR’s virtual marathon training plan?

:(, this time last year, I was boozing it up in Cancun.

I think that I wanna drop about 20 pounds by October. Word on the street is that I’m supposed to go to a conference that will be held in Honolulu so I would like to slim down a bit. But, I have been getting chubby . . . chubbier over the past couple of months.

Is a 20-week marathon training plan overdoing it? I think that I would become bored/annoyed training 5 months for a marathon. Hell, I can barely finish a 16-week training plan.

What are some cool summer jams?

I finally figured out why my pace times are always faster than my official times.


I’ve been telling folks this. I think these resorts are using crappy, half-assed distilled booze.

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  1. I love that we both talked about DR in our RTTs. That story is just insane! In other news Hawaii is probably one of my most favorite places. My uncle and former college roomie both lived on Oahu so we had the best time last time we went. I would like to visit Maui and the other islands. One day.

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