Random Thursday – EPIC Edition

Here are some random thoughts, rants, and raves.

[1] I am (re)loving “King of the Hill”. I never was a HUGE fan of the show back in the day; it was a show that came on before “The Simpsons”. Toward the end of my graduate tenure (2009), I used to watch it quite regularly. When writing my dissertation, I often arrived home around 1-2 am, and King of the Hill was the only thing on TV.

This is from the episode when the father, mother, AND the son were addicted to cigarettes.

[2] Speaking of love. I’ve been listening to Gloria Trevi’s “Abranse Perras” nonstop.

[3] Why can’t people ever have their money ready when it is is time to pay. C’mon, you have been in this line for 10 minutes!!!

[4] NYRR is really going above and beyond to make sure folks do not transfer their race bibs. NYRR claims it’s for our safety. Here’s my thing. Often you have to register for races MONTHS in advance, especially for big races like the NYC Marathon or the Brooklyn Half-Marathon, but injuries happen. Yes, NYRR will allow you to defer your entry to the next year, but you have to pay again. I will be honest and say that I have sold aย  race bib or two in the past when I was injured. That said, I was never greedy because I sold the bib for the same price of registration. One of my buyers was so shocked that I was not trying to gouge him that he bought me a couple of rounds of cocktails – I met him at a bar (shocker) to exchange the bib for money. I have seen some Craiglist ads selling NYC Marathon bibs for $500.ย  However, I do think that NYRR now offers race insurance. What is it to NYRR if you sell your bib? I mean, the organization still gets their money whether you run the race or not.

[4a] Actually, the issue may be less about money and more about people trying to sell their bibs to good runners so they can qualify for big races like the Boston Marathon. This is a practice I really don’t understand. If you are a 4-, 5-hour marathon runner why in the hell would you want to run in a marathon where you have to qualify based on time?

[5] One of my library books is REALLY overdue.


[6] I need to reevaluate my 1-, 5-, 10-year career plan. It’s been a little tough trying to figure out how to “get in where fit in.” As some may remember, I made a career change (biomedical scientist to higher education administrator) two years ago.

[7] Next month is my birthday month. One more year toward the big four O.

[8] I do not know how I feel with the paper straw craze. The paper straws make my gin taste weird. ๐Ÿ˜‰

[9] With whom do I have to sleep in order to get a “Review of the Day” Yelp shoutout?

[10] Why is it so much harder to do intermittent fasting this year than last year?

[11] Have folks moved on from WordPress to other blogging platforms?

[12] Ugh, I have a million things to do.

[13] I need a vacation, like a 7-month type of vacation.

[14] Sometimes, I miss conducting biomedical research.


In my former lab, a coworker and I would draw funny pictures and leave funny messages for each other when we had to share stuff. She drew a picture of me on my flask of stem cells.

[15] I realized that I have not had a taco in MONTHS.

[16] What’s with NYC weather? It feels like November. Let me stop because I’ll be bitching about how hot it is in a few weeks.

[17] Worst bar in the world. It’s like the folks do not know if they want the place to be a bar, a lounge, a restaurant, a titty bar, or a hot damn mess. Artspace, my black ass.


[18] The racist/homophobic “church” in my neighborhood is back at it again. For the last few weeks, the church was posting such positive messages about God and love. Now, this.


Oh, FYI, the “hit job” was an article that suggested the pastor was abusing children.

[19] It seems as if Jlo’s daughter received Marc Anthony “good singing” genes. Perhaps, the daughter can teach Jlo how to sing (***).

[20] Why must people blast their crappy music in public? Don’t nobody want to hear that shit.

[21] People who act as if public transportation is their personal transportation are annoying.

[22] I cannot stand people who FaceTime (loudly) on a bus. Don’t nobody want to hear your ignorant conversations. Well … sometimes I do. ๐Ÿ˜‰

[23] I think that I’m gonna order a pizza for dinner tomorrow.

[24] I do not have any vacation getaways planned for this summer, and that saddens me. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

[25] The abortion bill in Alabama and its potential ramifications scare me, and I don’t even have a uterus.

[26] The campus looks so nice with all of the folks getting ready for graduation.

[27] Is there a way I can do a cleanse that allows me to drink booze? ๐Ÿ˜‰

[28] These guys on the bus that are going in on Nene Leakes have me cracking up in laughter.

[29] I hope these are enough cigarettes to get me through the workday. Probably not.


[30] Oh, I need to make an optometrist appointment so I can get some new contact lenses.

That’s it for randomness.


  1. What’s your stance on runners in races who blast their music with no headphones? I don’t want to listen to Phil Collins for the next couple miles! but now I have to slow way down or speed way up to get away from those people. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Don’t get me started on bib selling/transfer. Races should allow it, up until say 24 hours before the race! it’s just changing the name on the # for ‘safety’ reasons.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 25-TOTALLY terrified too!
    17-Your review cracked me right the hell up!
    15-That’s a SIN.
    8-They’re gross! They get all slimy and disintegrate while you’re still trying to use the damn thing.
    23-Hope your pizza is delish!


  3. That church sounds crazy! Why not order tacos instead of pizza? Or do a combo and order a Mexican pizza? Props to you having a career plan at all… mine went down the tube after my degree was so hyped in college about how I had all these job prospects (Recreation & Leisure Administration) only to find that jobs in each area (cruises, outdoor recreation, community recreation, etc) prefer you have experience in that specific area. Needless to say my internships at a local recreation center and high school athletic department weren’t exactly the right experience for say a park ranger or swimming pool director. Anyways, dream of being a high school athletic director never happened (no one told me those jobs don’t open up unless someone retires or changes schools which is rare) but maybe a career change to personal trainer is coming in the next year?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I did order tacos on Thursday. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Career transitions are hard, but more folks are doing it nowadays. I say keep trying at it. Could you volunteer part-time to get more of the skills you would need for your next step? When interviewing for my current, I learned that my side gigs and volunteer stuff gave me the slight edge.

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