Quick Training Recap

My foot has not been bothering me too much; however, I did not do as much as I wanted to the week. It seems like there is never enough time for everything. Then again, I can be a bit too social at times. 

I sprinkled in two 3-mile runs and threw in a hill workout in Northern Central Park. Honestly, I really enjoyed doing the hill workout the most. 

It was fun mixing up my running workout because I have been a bit bored with the standard run for 30, 40, 60 min.  Maybe this week, I will throw in 800m or 1600m “sprints.”

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I want to take advantage of my overpriced gym membership by attending a new workout class once a week. This week, I did not think too far out of the box because I hit up a spin class. Holy wow! I have forgotten how much I missed spinning. Back in the day, I used to take 2-3 classes a week. Side note: Once, I even thought about becoming a spin instructor as a means to make extra money during graduate school. I did not follow through with that plan because I heard that it was tough to break into NYC’s spin market. Even after getting the necessary licenses, the majority of gyms wanted someone with a “million” years of NYC spin experience. How the hell is an NYC spin classes different from any other place in the world?!!!  I took the class on Friday and my calves were still sore (in a good way) on Sunday. I do not know how I feel about spin instructors who teach NEXT to the stationary bike rather an on it. 

While technically not a new class, I did attend a Zumba class with a different instructor. The instructor was so freaked out that I did the Zumba class in my socks. Here’s the thing, I frequently attended his Saturday class the year before last so I guess he forgot me. I cannot see how he could have forgotten. 

  1. How many men do you see in a Zumba class?
  2. How many of those men are black do you see in a Zumba class?
  3. How many of those black men do the class in their socks?

For the most part, my training week was going ok UNTIL Sunday. 


I overslept on Sunday morning and missed my Japan 4M race. The fact that it was raining on Sunday and an overall miserable day is my saving grace. The real reason: I probably overslept because I may have had one too many adult beverages the night before.  

FROZE season is just around the corner!!!!

Have a great week, y’all. 


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