Random Thoughts Thursday

Man, it has been so hard to update this thing. When do you folks find the time? Actually, it’s not an issue with time; but rather, an issue of not wanting to look at a computer screen at home after sitting in front of a computer screen for 8-10 hours at work. My goal is to try to update at least three times a week. We’ll see how this goes. 

On to the randomness. 

  • I have been in a training lull for the past few weeks. Hopefully, that will change now that I have a few races on the calendar. 
  • I still have not ran with the two running groups that I joined back in January. 😦
  • Anyone check out the news about the pictures of a black hole ( *** )?
  • Word on the street is that I may have an opportunity to visit Hawai’i this fall. 
  • I’ve been watching old episodes of Family Matters on Hulu. As a 39-year old, I find Steve Urkel’s character to be quite annoying and distracting from the show’s focus around the Winslow family. I can understand why there were some issues with the older cast members about the character development of the Urkel. 
  • The weather is finally getting nice in NYC. Spring is my favorite season.
  • How do folks keep up with all of their social media accounts? Between my professional, personal, and job accounts, I have to manage 6 separate accounts. Plus, update 3 blogs. Clearly, I have not been doing a good job with blogging. 
    • Professional stuff: Twitter and LinkedIN
    • Random stuff: Instagram and Facebook. 
    • My program’s social media accounts: Instagram and Twitter
    • Running and training (I use both terms very loosely): WordPress and Squarespace (personal website)
    • My thoughts on higher education and scientific communications: WordPress. 
  • My mind has been so scattered lately. 
  • Married life is nice, but I have not noticed any real difference between married life and monogamous dating. Maybe, it’s due to my laidback (for the most part) personality. 

Enough randomness for now. Let’s see what y’all have been up to. 


  1. Since Dec. I got into a habit of blogging once a week on Sundays. I agree looking at a computer screen after working has no appeal. Not to mention I have no time during the week during track season.

    I quit Facebook the fall of 2017. I found a lot more free time that way! I don’t think I could stand being forced to update social media for work.

    I’m in a bit of a training lull as well despite having a 10k coming up. I’m on the fence about a half marathon in June. I want to do it, but I don’t have the urge to train for it like I usually do. That may be my blog subject this weekend.

    I agree married life really never felt different for me than living together. Over time though (we hit 3 years in Dec) I feel like there is a deeper commitment from it. Like I think I would always try harder to work things out if needed (we rarely fight) since we’re married vs just dating and knowing you can walk away a bit easier.

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    • Thanks for your preception on married life. We rarely fight too, but I think that’s more on his end since he is so laid back. Plus, our work hours are really different so we are not constantly on top of each other.

      I find that I have been posting more on Instagran than Facebook. Ugh, you just reminded that I forgot to update my program’s website. Eh, I’ll do it tomorrow.


  2. I’m a writer for my professional career so writing helps keep me crazy and creative. I love it. I will say I miss seeing your foodie posts!! You should post pictures of more sushi so I can be motivated to eat more of it. Thanks in advance! 🙂

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