I’m back . . . kind of sorta.

Not only did I take two weeks to “celebrate” the birth of my Lord, but it also seems that I took two weeks away from my half-marathon training plan. Very bad, KOS. Very bad, KOS. Now, I’m getting back to my routine . . . I hope.

Lol, I actually forgot the floor where my office is located. 


Word on the street is that we have 69 days left until the United NYC Half Marathon. I didIMG_4876 complete a very struggling 3M run this morning. Man, it was cold AF this morning (24F). Although this entry is not going to be my usual weekly training recaps, because I have not done shit since the 20th. No wait, I lie. I did attend ONE Zumba class during my break. Well, I did watch over 18 seasons of The Amazing Race. So, I did “run” 18 “races”.


Here are a few things that I think that I need to do to get back on track.

Lose some damn weight. OMG. How in the hell did I gain 18 pounds from June to last week?

Weight Loss Struggle

There were some good lows and bad highs regarding my weight in 2018.

This graph confirms one thing – Intermittent Fasting (IF) works for me, and I will start IF’ing tomorrow. During 2018, I IF’ed from February (the start of Lent) until June (my all-inclusive aka drink like a fish vacation in Cancun). It’s kind of strange that I gained weight while training for the NYC marathon. Actually, it’s not that strange (for me) because I tend to overeat while training. Just because I run 15 miles does not mean that I should eat a million tacos and wash them down with a million margaritas. Ok, I guess that I may have partied a little too much during December and January with all of the holiday parties and birthdays. I know too many people born in Dec. and Jan. Come to think of it, I have another bday party this weekend. Oh and my delicious eggnog martinis, eggnog smoothies, screwmosas, and any & all things whiskey- or gin-based did not help.

During today’s run, I noticed that the middle part of my back was super sore. I think my back muscles may have atrophied during my staycation because of my extreme couch surfing. Hang ten. I hope this is just an issue of getting back into the groove. For January 2017 and 2018, I have been cursed with flare-ups of my herniated disc in my lower back. Actually, Facebook reminded me that two years to this date, I was in the ER for FOURTEEN hours because of my back.


To get more integrated into some running communities, I have renewed my lapsed membership for the New York FrontRunners and joined Harlem Runs. The latter starts its runs a block away from the apartment so no excuses.

I hope everyone is having a great time meeting their new year’s resolutions. Or rather new year’s intentions. Recently, I learned that you are supposed to make intentions instead of resolutions. Ummm, aren’t they both the same thing? Something you start on Jan. 1st but fall off around Superbowl Sunday. Ok, let me stop hating.

Let me see what y’all have been up to over the past couple of weeks.

Catch you in the streets.


12 comments on “I’m back . . . kind of sorta.

  1. runeatralph says:

    Drinking definitely messes with me when it comes to weight gain. It’s not just the calories, I think it impacts how my body processes everything that I eat. Even when I only have one or two beers, my weight tends to head upward.

    We’re through the holidays now, so it’s time to get back to business! 🙂

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  2. You know you’ve had a good vacation when you forget what floor you work on!

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  3. i’m setting some goals for 2019 so not as hard and fast as resolutions that if you screw up it’s over. for your intermittent fasting, what’s the gist in a nutshell, fast for x hours and you eat a specific diet during eating hours or nothing specific? (asking for a friend who put on 7 lbs over the holidays ugh!) ps. i did see your IG live at Old Navy, you crack me up.

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    • swosei12blog says:

      The most common intermittent fast plan is to fast for 16hrs and eat only within an 8-hr peroid. There are some plans where you fast for 24hrs a couple days a week. During your eating window, you can eat whatever . . . within reason. I know some folks combine their eating window with a specific diet (e.g. keto). The last time I did IF, within a few weeks, I noticed that I would get fuller with less food so I began eating less during my 8-hr eating window. Actually, it was a really tough to eat “normal” size restaurant portions of food. Often, I would only order apetizers as my entree.

      RE: Old Navy, my friend really wanted to buy jeans. I don’t know why he wanted to buy them after we had a billion drinks.

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      • Thanks for the advice! I’m may try it this month I’m not super hungry at breakfast normally so maybe 12-8pm or 11a-7p eating window. Will think on it


      • swosei12blog says:

        Since I’m a bit of a night owl, I fast from ~10pm to 3pm but only during the week. I need my weekends free for brunch. 😉 Today is my first day back fasting and it will be a struggle to make it to 3pm. I should have acclimated myself by fasting for 12/14 hours for the first week. Or I should have had another cup of black coffee or a diet coke this morning.

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  4. PaleoMarine says:

    I feel you, man. I’m getting back into running after nearly three weeks off, getting back into IF, and needing to drop some pounds (about 20). Good luck with your training!

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  5. Welcome back! Enjoy your upcoming race. Will follow along 🙂


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