Random Thursdays: Marathon Addition

Yeah, Yeah, I know this is a day late, but I was busy. After posting my update about the NYC Marathon ( *** ), I had some time to reflect on it and some other random things. I’m borrowing the theme of this Random Thursday update from A Tall Girl in a Small State’s blog. 

1. I would like to become a faster runner, circa my 2009 days. Can a brother get a sub 4:30 marathon, again?aA13Vqp_700b_v2 2. Surprisingly, I’ve made a full recovery from this year’s marathon. By Wednesday, I already was biking to and from work.   

3. I’m serious that I want to drop 20 pounds over the next few months. I’ve already started intermittent fasting again and beginning to put together a diet/food plan.


4. With regards to #3, I also have created a weekly workout plan.

5. Hopefully, I can continue to run 3-4 times/week during the winter months. I want to be able to run a half marathon at a moment’s notice. That was the plan for last year, but I had a stupid back injury which prevented that plan. 

6. I think that I may run the Manhattan Half Marathon. Maybe not, running 13.1 miles in NYC during January doesn’t seem like any fun. Seeing pictures of folks with frozen eyebrows, eyelashes, mustaches, and beards still haunt me. Oh, I hope that I am selected to run the NYC Half via lottery. Perhaps, luck may happen two years in a row. 

nyrr half

7. Speaking of running shit, I need to decide if I want to renew my Front Runner’s membership, join Black Men Run, or another running group.

8. Speaking of memberships, I’ve finally reached 100% of my 3 Gb limit for WordPress. Now, I have to decide if I want to upgrade my WordPress account.

9. Now that the marathon is over, I am excited to get my Friday nights and brunch Saturdays back.


10. I still do not really understand the point of Instagram. That said, go find me at Swosei12

11. Perhaps, I should cut down on the smoking because I’ve managed to smoke more since starting this job in 2018.


12. I kinda want to run a half or full-marathon outside of NYC. Wasn’t I supposed to run Philly’s Half Marathon?

13. I wonder if it is ok to “borrow” towels from my gym since it has increased the monthly fees from $81 to $94 bucks.

14. Why are people still wearing their Marathon medals? I get the day after or maybe even two days after. But, you are wearing the medal on Thursday?!!! C’mon!

15. Although the marathon is over, I’m excited that my next race is only a couple of weeks away.

be prepared

16. Maybe I’ll join a book club.

17. I wonder if I can squeeze in 45-60 min runs during my workday?

18. My cheap ass is still annoyed that medal engraving was $25 bucks.

19. These people are still my favorite folks from the marathon.


20. I wonder if NYRR would ever change the route of NYC’s marathon? I guess Staten Island would still have to be the starting/staging area.


21. One thing it did not mention in my previous post, the Michelob Ultra signs during the marathon. Even if my guts were on fire, I would never drink an ultra light beer. 


22. We were really lucky for the nice weather during the marathon. It rained the day before and the day after the marathon. 


23. If you are ever in the W. Village and want a no-frills, full-body massage for $35, this is the place to go. After my post-marathon massage, I want to treat myself to one every month. 


24. Now, that I am done with this marathon, I can focus on some health issues . . . mainly the issues in my stupid pinky toe. I may have to have a portion of my bone removed/shaved down.  

25. How do you get over the post-marathon blues? Also, how do people feel about wearing finisher shirts before/during an event?

26. I have to complete only two more race to obtain guaranteed entry into 2019’s marathon. 

0.2. Hopefully, I’ll be complaining about and reflecting on next year’s marathon. 



  1. It’s a pet peeve of mine to see people wear finisher’s shirts before or during a race. I know technically it’s paid for but to me you have to EARN it. I have one shirt that is an exception – the 2018 Double Creek Half Marathon and 5k was cancelled this year due to weather and because it said 2018 on it, they couldn’t save them for next year so a group of us volunteers were given free shirts.

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  2. haha I am addicted to IG. I love gawking at people’s photos and funny videos and such. Facebook however I want to delete every day. The only thing that keeps me on there are runner friends and running group events because they post every dang thing on there.

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  3. I def have post marathon (MCM) blues. Need to get my act together. Ran (stumbled) through my last half of the year but it was no PR. Maybe I need a December race or will probably streak from thanksgiving to New Years. (Run streak lol)

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