Random Thursday

-This week, I’ve been pretty random updating this thing.

-Uh Oh. I have been feeling a slight pain in my left and right Achilles tendons for past couple of days. Since I feel it mostly in the mornings, I hope that it’s one of those things that comes with age. 

-Speaking of age. I need to get my hair “did” STAT, because I have mad grey hairs.


-I wonder what dogs think about when they take poops on the sidewalk with a bunch of people around?

-I’m really considering purchasing a Citibike membership. It’s $169/year.

Image courtesy of Inhabitat

-I have been debating this for a while. I do have a bicycle; however, I cannot leave it in the basement of my apt so I would have to carry it daily up and down 4 flights. There are docking stations next to my office’s building and a block or two from my apt.

-I’m loving the “How to be Awesome at Your Job” podcasts ( *** ).

Image: iTunes

-I’m supposed to bring something to a Labor Day get together. I’m thinking of making my tres leches cake. Maybe I will be completely lazy and bring a bottle of gin. Since I like these folks, I may even bring top shelf to the shindig.

-Never too old to learn some new tricks. I’m really enjoying my Python programing class . . . Hopefully, it will get a little more advanced in the upcoming weeks.


  1. I stopped coloring my hair last year. Too much trouble and it was making it really dry. Now I am salt and pepper (but more pepper than salt).

    Tres leches cake? Any chance of posting a recipe for that one?

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