NYC Marathon Training Update X

Theme for this week: Indifference

After running a few marathons, I have noticed that I get to a point where I do not give three sh*ts about my training plan. I guess that I’m one of those people who gets bored by doing the same routine week in and week out. This week I did a couple of runs without completing (or even attempting) my long run of 17 miles. Well . . . I contemplated it (even laid out my clothes the night before) but I wanted to sleep in on Saturday and Sunday morning. I suppose that it is ok to take a break when training for a full marathon. With my training plan, I added (subconsciously) a couple of weeks where I could miss a couple of long runs (just in case of an injury or random indifference) and still stay on track to my goal. Well . . . maybe my goal for distance but not time. I still have a little over two months until the marathon, and my longest distance so far is 15 miles. 

And here comes the excuses reasons 😉

-I will say that there has been some (positive) changes at work, which caused me to work a little late during the week. Basically, my program moved from one school to another school on campus so there was a bunch of administrative stuff that I had to take care of this week. One cool thing: I did get a brand new office AND a new Macbook Pro out of this arrangement. 

-The bf has been training for a new job at another restaurant so he has been getting home around 2 am. A few days during the week I tried to stay up and wait up for him at home, so I was a bit sleep deprived for most of the week. 

-One cool thing about marathon training is that I can forget about the failures training failures from the previous week. This week, I will get back on that training horse and try to repeat training week X. 

Avoiding the post-marathon depression/blues ( *** )

To put it into context, when you accomplish any goal that you’ve been targeting for months, it’s only normal that a letdown of some sort is inevitable when it’s over.

-Runner’s World

To avoid this lull, I think that I attempt to run the perimeter of Manhattan ( *** ). It is something that I have done on a bicycle, but I think it may be kind of cool to do this on foot.


Since the marathon is 26.2 miles and the perimeter of Manhattan is a little more than 34 miles, I think this would be a cool challenge to attempt. I’m already training to run 26.2 miles, what is another 8 miles at this point? Also, I could use the marathon to train for my “event”. We’ll see how this goes. Next week, my flaky ass probably will change my mind. The TCS NYC Marathon is November 4th, so I’ll plan my Manhattan perimeter run for December 15th, 2018. That should give me enough time to get over the NYC Marathon runner’s high and train for the extra distance. Hopefully, NYC will not be TOO cold in December this year. 

This week’s goals:

Simple, redo training week X

How do you get over your post-marathon (or any other major race) blues/depression?


  1. The Manhattan thing looks pretty awesome. I always thought ultras had to be run in the woods and in the mountains with no civilization in sight.

    I’ve never had a letdown when I’m able to accomplish my goal. It’s always more of an enthusiastic, “what’s next?!”


  2. I don’t know that i get depressed after a marathon, but about a week after or sooner i sign up for my next race, get off the couch and get back to running. This year I have a half marathon 2 weeks after marine corps marathon, so won’t have much time to get depressed. keep up the workouts! I have skipped my long run and just try and start the next week fresh.

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    • Looking back, I wish that I did something this weekend, besides laying around on the sofa. This morning’s run was a complete struggle. Like I barely did a mile. I have noticed that when I do not move as much (like a weekend), my lower back gets really stiff. Then it’s hard for me to get back into my groove.

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