Random Thursdays: Running Edition

-When people walk in pairs or groups of three, why must they take up the ENTIRE width of the sidewalk? Single file, folks. SINGLE FILE. People are trying to run pass you.


-On that note. Why don’t folks know how to properly walk a dog? You are supposed to hold the leash like this:


And, the dog is supposed to be either at your side or behind you, so you can establish/maintain your alpha dog status. I do not know maybe some folks like being the beta dog.

-Corral issues. As most know, many races have a corral system for arranging runners based on their speed in previous races or their predicted finish times, which is great. For NYRR races, the corral system is based on your best 5K race’s time, which is an issue on to itself. Back in the day, I mean like in 2010, I pretty much was running at a 7 min/mi pace, so I’m usually placed in the B or C corral, depending on the size of the race. Last week’s race had about 5, 000 runners, so I was in corral B.


Here’s the thing. I know that I’m no longer a 7:00 min/mi runner. Soooooo, now I take my black ass to a higher (or is it lower) corral, like E, F,or G. I will be honest, sometimes I doi-dont-understand-how-someone-can-have-so-little-self-awareness not have a choice, because my ass typically is running “late” for these races. During last week’s race, I went to the F corral. Why were people, who were assigned to the F corral, walking within the first mile? Ok, if you know that you plan to walk most or all of the race, why not go to one of the last corrals? It’s call self-awareness, people. 

-Best speed work prep for a marathon 0.5 mi, 1 mi, or 2 mi intervals?

-I really need to up my efficiency for my morning runs. This week, I woke up at 5:30 am and did not start my run until ~8:10 am. Ok, you can subtract the 30 min bus ride to the gym, but that still gives me more or less 2hrs of wasted time. I know part of  this is my poop schedule. . . I’m one of those folks who has two morning poops. FYI, my morning double poops always have been a thing with me, since as long as I can remember.

-I want to incorporate “new” routes into my training plan.

I’m thinking something that would involve a run from NYC to the Palisades cliffs in New Jersey.


Randall’s Island

New York Scenic Shots

A lower Harlem – Manhattan “perimeter” run ~18 miles

Screenshot (22)

-Next week, I really need to buy a new pair of shoes.


-How do city runners run in and around the city? I cannot stand the constant stop and go when waiting for traffic lights to change. Maybe, I can do “city” runs for my easy runs where stopping more or less at ever other corner will not be big issue.

-Random selfie of me trying to be chipper at 6 am.



  1. don’t get me started on corrals. walking and 3 across so there’s no room to pass! I’ve snuck into more forward corrals where people at least run for the first few miles. those are my people. Looking pretty darn chipper at 0600!

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  2. Buy some new shoes, like NOW! 🙂

    As far as speed work prep, there are benefits to all of those distances and there’s time to fit them all in. I’d say switch it up week to week. It will help keep things interesting too. My favorite speed workout is 3x1600m, 2x800m and 1x400m.

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  3. I was just thinking the same thing about groups taking up the whole sidewalk when I was on my long run last weekend. It drives me insane! Then when you manage to squeeze past them they look at you like you did something wrong!


  4. I get so enraged during 5Ks when I’m running my fastest speeds and a group of friends or some little kid dead stops in the middle of everyone, causing me to almost plow into them. Maybe I should to teach them a lesson. It’s bad race etiquette and dangerous.

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