Random Thoughts Thursday

-It’s tough listening to podcasts at work. Maybe I just have to get used to balancing my attention.

-These Queen of the Ratchet Disney parodies are too funny ( *** ). Yes, I have the humor of a teenager. The following are parodies of the Real Housewives of __ post season’s reunions. I take it that Tremaine is Nene and Cruella is Keyna MooreI only know the Real Housewives of Altanta women. The creators even incorporated the viewers questions and  feedback that are asked or given to the housewives during the reunion.

-I’m so surprised that Columbia University is so smoker-friendly. One pretty much can smoke anywhere on campus.

– I am loving Crunch Fitness’ revamped app. It even has the locations of fans in the spin studio.


A slore needs a fan, because this slore overheats, especially in an enclosed fitness room.

download (5).jpg

-Are y’all down with IHoP changing its name to IHob (International House of Burgers to promote its new burgers, *** )? In all of my years going to IHoP, I do not think that I have ever eaten non-breakfast food there. One can get burgers pretty much anyplace; however, getting waffles after 11:00 AM is a whole other can of worms. As a matter of fact, maybe I will visit an IHoP (or IHob) and have breakfast for dinner, after my run today.

-Four more days until vacation in sunny, gang-filled Cancun!!!! I definately will be playing this song in the Uber on the way to the airport. It’s probably one of the few songs where she doesn’t sound like she has swallowed a bucket of glass shards. 

-Speaking of vacations, I hope that I can fit into my slutty bathing suit without looking like a beached whale.

-The bf has given me the responsibility of packing our crap for our upcoming trip. This will be either be a disaster or a hot ass mess. I’m the type of packer/traveler that pretty much waits until the Uber is on its way before he starts throwing crap into a suitcase. Also, I am the traveler that is frantically running to the gate for boarding because my name has been announced SEVERAL times in conjunction with “this is the final boarding call. Nine times out of ten, I’m at the bar chatting and/or trying to finish my draaaank.

-Did you know the youngest marathon runner is Budhia Singh and he has finished 48 marathons before his fifth birthday.

-I really need to get back to my resolution of reading 1-2 books a month.


  1. I feel like you do about the whole IHoB thing. It’s just weird. Packing tip- roll your clothes. They don’t get as wrinkled and you can fit a lot more in that way. Have fun in Cancun!!!


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