Random Thoughts/Annoyances Thursday

– [Annoyance] People who constantly use “per our email/meeting *** was said…” I know it was mentioned in the damn meeting. I’m asking just so I am completely in the loop. Don’t be so sassy or passive aggressive.

– This outfit.

– I really should not buy “food” when I’m drunk.

– I really need to find a volunteer project to become involved with.

-[Annoyance] The modern take on speakeasies in NYC. Wait, so I am expected to wait for an hour to drink in a bar where drinks start at $18?!!!

-I love late night ramen.

– What other activities can one do in a Cancun resort, beside drinking, eating, swimming, and visiting ancient pyramids?

-I really need to get my feet “did”.

-I need to incorporate more veggies into my diet.


      • I’m not a fashion expert or anything close to one. But, I am not a huge fan of mean wearing long-sleeved shirts with shorts . . . after the age of three. 😉

        How have you been? Are you running the NYC marathon this year?

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      • Hey Kwame! LOL. I mean, I am sure the long sleeve and shorts can be done tastefully, but this guy may have missed the mark, lol.

        I am NOT doing the NYC marathon this year! And i have to say I am pretty happy about this. Who knows, maybe I will try for on in 2019 (or 2020!). I don’t think I am one of those who will be doing one every year though, it’s just too much distance on my body! For now I am really enjoying speedwork and different kinds of workouts, trying to get faster (not sure it’s working, but I am trying!).
        How about you? Are you going for it? You’re crazy , i know your ass can run that thing with barely any training. You are a phenom my friend–i couldn’t do it! Takes SO much out of me!


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