Quick (and dirty) weekly update

When is there time to update this thing?



I’m kind of over this Monday Zumba class (I know that I say this every month or so). It has been a few months of the same routines and annoying folks.

Strength training

It felt nice finally to pump some iron, now that my arm has fully recovered.



A 3 mile run around the park. I was a hot mess, probably because I was dead tired.



A three mile run around the park.


I have been feeling chubby lately and I’m nowhere near beach ready for Cancun. Plus, I think that my body has reached a plateau with the intermittent fasting – I do not feel as if I have dropped anymore pounds since my last weigh in. Since I was in a state of chubbyness, I decided to do a Cize workout for a little extra cardio for the day. The routine was Britney Spears’ “Circus”. Although I’m not really a fan of that particular song, it’s one of those tunes that gets stuck in my head for DAYS.

Some advice from Shaun T, regarding the pivot-drop move.

Mr Shaun T why didn’t you give me this warning, before I threw out my back five years ago doing your INSANITY workout?


Elliptical and strength training


Race (4M) – Didn’t make it to the damn start line

New Rule for Dr. KOS: No sloring the night before a race. I hung out with some friends in Jackson Heights and had way too much champagNE and aguardiente.

Note: champagNE + aguardiente is not a good combination. The hell was I thinking? Mixing those two things like college drinking 101.

The next morning I could not pull myself out of bed for the race A damn shame because Central Park is like 15/20min by train.

Basically, I spent the day watching TV, feeling lonely, and ordering crappy takeout food. Since my mom passed away, Mother’s Day is a little tough for me. I’m a little annoyed that a handful of people reached out to me. But then again, I guess that I really done reciprocate those kind of actions. Eh, such is life, I guess.

What dumb thing have you done that caused you to miss a race?

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  1. aw man! I try not to miss races like that but I do skip out on social runs if I go out the nite before…i’m like EFF it i will run alone I need the detox anyway. LOL actually i was looking thru my Yelp friends and saw you and was like…I need a Kwame update. Hope you get to the next race friend!


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