Slowly but surely

Last week was a little better, in terms or working out. However, what little I did was negated by eating (and drinking) horribly.


Monday: Brisk walk and Zumba

A little off topic, I am one of those folks who hates talking on the phone; I’m more a text and go kinda guy. Since I “finished” work kind of early, I decide to walk to the gym, which was about 2 miles from campus.


During that walk, I had a chance to talk with and old childhood friend and it was nice to actually speak to someone; rather than talk about our lives via texts and emjois.

In Zumba class, we had a substitute instructor, BUUUUUT  class was pretty fun because the ‘save 1,000 spots’ Zumba clique was not in attendance.


Wednesday: DATE NIGHT!!

Since the weather was really nice the BF and I went to our local taqueria, Sexy Taco/Dirty Cash (***) for tacos and a refreshing cold, adult beverage.

Later on in the evening, I had to snap a little on someone.

We don’t get much time together outside of the apartment, so I don’t really need a drunk motherfucker all up in our faces. Sh*t!

Friday: 3 mile run

See, pretty unproductive this week. Since I have a few races coming up (as a matter of fact, I have a race on Sunday), I figured that maybe I should get back in to the grove. Yeah, that run was a hot ass mess. The day was wonderful but I think that it was too hot for my body. I guess that my body is still in “cold ass f*ck” mode. Although the run was a joke, in terms of my pacing, I think running along the Hudson River in Harlem will be a great training experience, since there are quite a bit of hills.

Going forward, I think that I can go for my runs around 4/5 PM, go back to work to finish up, then go home. I’m going to try that for Tuesdays and Fridays (maybe not Fridays, if I’m going for a happy hour)

Saturday. Nada

I had all the intensions of going to the gym after teaching my biology class, but I met up with a friend and had some adult beverages at Sweet Science (***), which is a Williamsburg”ish” bar that I have mentioned a few times on this blog.

Although I did not hit the gym, I did manage to shake my booty all damn night at “da club.”


Sunday: You gotta be kidding me

Major hangover. A couple of things about this intermittent fasting is:

  • I get drunk fast, because there is no food in my belly
  • The hangover are super intense the next day

Basically, I laid around the apt in my undies, ordered delivery…twice, and binged watched How to Get Away with Murder.


I promise to be better next week…Maybe



  1. We’ve definitely been having some days where it feels way too hot this early in the year. In another month I’ll be used to it, but right now, it’s tough to crank out the runs when it’s in the upper 80’s!

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